The Day Trip... Celebrity Cup at the Celtic Manor...

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A spur of the moment day out for Matt and I happened a couple of weeks ago, amazingly I got offered free tickets with work so with Matt the golfer (and me the celeb loveerr) we spent a lovely day at the Celtic Manor.
It was a charity day where celebrities represented Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland and played golf all day until there was a winner. To be honest after getting up at 6am to get there for 8am I wasn't really paying attention to the winners. There were some awesome stands there too from trick shots, to power shots and a master class with Colin Montgomery. Even I found that interesting.
The weather wasn't great, it started off dry but soon poured with rain, my hunter wellies* came in really handy that day. Matt even won another round of golf there for us! Confession, it's a game of crazy golf though.
I was supposed to have a productive day of filming, editing and blogging today. However I've come down with a sore throat, lost the pre-filmed videos and blogger was playing up earlier. So I've cleaned some of the flat instead. I would say that I cleaned all the flat but Matt will probably read this and know it would be a complete lie. I have however finally sorted the Hamster issues out. To sum it up the boys turned out to be all girls and then a couple of them were actually boys so they are now separated into various cages so hopefully they haven't mated yet. I did spend last night looking at hamster genitals for far too long.

Hope you had a lovely bank holiday.



The Beauty Box... Birchbox April 2013...

Saturday, 25 May 2013


I have never been a regular subscriber to a beauty box service. I'd ordered the first glossy box due to the hype but never went back to it. I wasn't really in the position to commit to £10+ a month for some samples so I cancelled. I also tried the She Said Beauty box once and then cancelled that. I guess I just couldn't just justify it. I have to admit I do LOVE getting a random box of things through the post each month though. I now have the April Birchbox thanks to the Cardiff Blogger Meet Up and I still haven't made my mind up about whether I would happily pay for these things. Especially since discovering Fragrance Direct where you can buy so many things (and things you want) for £10.
Included in my box was the Minernesse Perfect Kiss Lipstick pencil, these are becoming ever more popular. The shade is a lovely wearable pinkish-red so would be great day or night. Next was the Paname Paris Mirror, great for in the makeup bag. I also had a very fancy soap, although I did give this to my mum, I guess this is a risk you face with the monthly boxes. I had a small sample of the Gerda Spillman Renaissance age serum, another item I wasn't sure of but will whack it on and hope. I think some boxes offer services where you can customise whats in your box, not sure if they actually do that though! I do like a foaming cleanser when I am not using the hot cloth cleasners from Superdrug so it will be nice to try the Natio one and finally I had the Weleda Skin Food this I have heard great things about and I can't wait to try it on any dry skin I have.

I'm off to Wenworth tomorrow to watch the golf, it's going to be another long day but hopefully a sunny one!

Do you subscribe to a beauty box?



The Night In... A Dominio's Pizza Night...

Friday, 24 May 2013

Picture the scene. I'm up early for work, worked until lunchtime, flew home (well not literally) got changed and then spent the afternoon playing crazy golf which I blogged about before. We were starving and when that happens the above usually happens. Yes a Dominos pizza feast. Naughty but also very nice I make my Dominos evenings last for two days by always leaving enough for a left over Dominos lunch. I do this because I can never finish the pizza in one evening unless I am feeling super fat of an evening and also because Dominos is pricey, there is no getting around it. Although saying that there are ALWAYS voucher codes available and they have actually even text me an offer today.
The two pizzas we had were the Chimichuri Pizza and the Hot Dog Stuffed Crust. The Chimichrri was created by a competition winner Maria Tyrrell, who won a comepition on This Morning and in turn the pizza headed to Dominos menus nation wide. Unfortunately Dominos actually got our order wrong and put the Chimichurri sauce on the Hot Dog Stuffed Crust pizza so Matt had both new things to try. This wasn't the first time our orders had got mixed up from the dominos local to us but this time we were too hungry to call them and get it changed although not a good time to mess up an order when the pizzas are being reviewed?
Anyway, Matt liked the stuffed crust, added a little "summin summin" to the crusts that he usually leaves. He wasn't too keen on it without a dollop of sauce though. The sauce he wasn't so keen on, but I actually really liked it. I think it made the pizza taste more sophisticated. I don't really know how to describe it other than that, it added a grown up edge to it.
And then we polished it off with some yummy ice cream.

Have you tried the new pizza from Dominos?
What is your favourite pizza?



The Outfit Post... The Man's Shirt...

Tuesday, 21 May 2013
Shirt - Matalan
Jeans - Primark
Bag - Ebay

An outfit from such a long time ago, probably middle of April. There are some things which really amuse me when I go shopping and this shirt is a prime example of one of them. Imagine being a guy then turning up somewhere and there is a girl wearing the exact same item! ha! I bought this form the Matalan clearance shop for a measly £3. Bargain. Plus it's really thick so can double up as a light jacket for the summer.

Do you have a favourite item of clothing that's supposed to be for men?



The Outfit Post... A black dress affair...

Monday, 20 May 2013
Dress - Asos
Shoes - She Likes *

Shock horror there is Charli stood there in a dress, with no tights and she actually went out like this. I honestly think someone should get the record books out and mark this occasion. There was a family engagement party so I was scouting the pages of ASOS for a little black dress and I didn't actually have one. There was also a 20% off code which helped. I wanted a black dress to wear with these gorgeous shoes from She Likes, can anyone say Zara Dupe?
I also like that the dress has sleeves because we all know I do not get my arms out, saying that I never thought I would wear a dress without tights... hmmmm.

PS, Sally Hansen airbursh legs is amazing for people who's shins don't take the colour of fake tan like mine!



The Sunday Snapshot... An Animal Update...

Sunday, 19 May 2013
As most of you know a couple of weeks ago I lost Marli my beautiful copper brown syrian hamster. She was around two and a half years old (not 100% sure as she was adopted) and I found her curled up asleep for the final time. I was heart broken as I always am with the passing of any of my pets and as always there was a huge hole in my life. I decided on getting another pet, I had an empty hamster cage and naturally kept looking in there everyday and having the realisation that nothing was in there hit me everyday. I know my readers will know that these are never "just hamsters" to me so will completely understand how I feel.

I started to research the different types of hamsters to have a change and also a challenge from what I am used to owning and that is where I came across roborovski hamsters. I still have Gusgus, who turned two a couple of months ago - my little old man.

Gusgus is a syrian hamster pictured above, he's cream and brown with short hair. Syrian hamsters have to live on their own otherwise you will wake up to a murder scene, they are solitary animals. Syrian hamsters are the easiest to own in my opinion just because they are big so easy to handle and as I have learnt they are a lot slower than the little monsters that I also now own. Gus (and Marli and Louis!) all love to escape and I have found them in a variety of places. Including in the foundations of our flat.

So now we are on to the new arrivals. First up you need to meet Jaq and Lucifer. I did introduce them a few weeks ago and explained how I got these two but I will give you a brief run down again. I know somebody who works in pets at home and I was talking to her about getting new hamsters and she said that there was a litter that had been born in store and they were 8 weeks old the day that I wanted to get new hamsters. She bought out a cage with all 6 of the litter in and we picked out two male (I prefer male hamsters) in the middle of the store which was hilarious. So off I went with Jaq and Lucifer, yes named after Cinderella characters and that was that.

No prizes for guessing why I got these two, how adorable are they! They are much more difficult to handle, I've had them about 3 weeks now and they are still not comfortable with being picked up. I handle them every night, feed them treats from my hand and they are used to me but they are naturally jumpy. I only hold them over the cage so if they do jump they land in there - if these guys escaped I don't think I would have a chance in getting them back. I'm looking for a play pen type area for them so they can get out of the cage because they haven't quite mastered the ball yet! They are very different to keeping syrians but for an experienced owner I don't think that it's too difficult. 

Fast forward two weeks and I see my friend who works there again. She tells me that the four other brothers are still in the shop and because they are so overcrowded at the moment they haven't had a chance to find a home. Well that was it, heart strings were pulled and I went to pets at home that same day and adopted the four other brothers. As I was doing them a favour they kindly sorted me out with a cage and everything for them (what they were living in in the store so they weren't too disrupted) and they were glad they had  gone to a good home. 

So I would like to introduce Alfie, Bruno, Chubs and Donald. Now, I can tell Chubs apart from the others and no prizes for guessing why. Yep one is rather chubby than the others. The other names are just names I heard and I liked but Donald is named after my Bampi. So in another cage in our flat these four live. Owning multiple hamsters in one cage is also very very different. You have to make sure there is surplus food, water and toys at all times. Of course you have to make sure all animals are fed and watered but with numerous animals in one place if there isn't enough they will fight. They are sitting in what is a cat bowl full of chinchilla sand (NOT DUST. This is dangerous to them) so you can see how tiny they are.

I now own 7 hamsters. Wow. 

And last but not least my beautiful Bertie, also named after my Bampi. Most people think that Bertie is an indoor rabbit because I live in a flat, but actually he has his own balcony. The balcony is fully secure and we have made some adjustments but he has his hutch and roams free out there. Of course there is plenty of shelter out there for him to hide and if I am away for more than a few hours I lock in away in his hutch for safety. He's about 6 now, again unsure because he was adopted and he is in perfect health whilst being very cheeky.

I'm thinking of doing a caring for hamsters/animals series on my youtube channel? What do you think?

Do you have any pets? Please link me to posts with them in - if you couldn't tell - I love animals!!


ps we also have 7 fish!

The Beauty Post... Escentual Micellar Solution Blind Trial...

Thursday, 16 May 2013
micellar water

Myself and 99 other bloggers and beauty fanatics are currently trialing some Micellar Waters with Escentual. We all have some sample vials labelled A-G containing a wide range of the ever so popular Micellar Waters to trial over the next two weeks.
Considering I have never used a Micellar Water before (I have loads of Bioderma samples but am making my way through everything else before I open them - I think I might save them for my travels later on in the year though) so I was really keen to see what all the fuss was about and whether there would be any difference between the cheap and the pricey.

We will be testing each solution on the following areas:

Cleansing Power- How well does it remove make up 
Pleasure of use- Best texture and scent
Reactivity- Best comfort/ colour
Moisture balance- Best moisturiser
Bottom Line- Would you use it again
Favourite- Best overall sample

The following brands involved are:

 Micellar Solution

Dior Instant Cleansing Water
Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water
Caudalie Makeup Remover Cleansing Water
Bioderma Sensibio
 H20 Micelle Solution
 Cleansing Micellar Solution
Avenue Micellar Lotion Cleansing Water 

Have you used any of the brands up on that list before? 

I'm loving that it is all a secret and you cannot make judgments on the brand or price before trying the water. How do you use the Micellar Water? I've been using it after cleansing and also trying before cleansing but I'm not 100% on the best way.

After two weeks we will complete a survey and await the results.



The Birthday Post... Longleat Safari Park...

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I guess this post is no surprise to you if you follow me on twitter, instagram or are a friend of mine on facebook. I, of course chose to be taken somewhere where there are LOADS of animals for my Birthday yesterday. It may be my 23rd birthday and people might think I am mad but I love animals so much that these days out really are the best for me.

We woke up fairly early (wasn't helped after Sunday's early wake up call - more about that in a post later on in the week) and bleary eyed made some sausage sandwiches to line our belly ready for the long day ahead. We always start off our day with the Safari part, it's just easier to stay in the car after the long journey there. Let's take a guess as to my favourite enclosure...yep it's where you can feed the deer, I love it! I love interacting with the animals. Although, they have now changed longleat so that you can get out of the car before you start the safari. It's like an African retreat where you can see the lemurs, pigmy goats, wallabys, Oh and feed a griaffe, but that is only if you are willing to pay £2 for a lettuce leaf. Needless to say I didn't pay this and ran inside and paid £2 on a coffee whilst it rained.

The weather really didn't make up it's mind all day, glorious sunshine to lashing down with rain. This meant that Matt and I spent the afternoon out of the safari running under all the shelters. The whole day is just fantastic and I loved the Lorikeets they are so funny. You can see them flying all over me at the end of the video. 

Have you ever been to longleat?

What animals would you most like to see?



The Sunday Snapshots... Bank Holiday Day Out... Cardiff Bay...

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Ahh the good old Bank Holiday. I never appreciated you so much since I started working full time after leaving university. By some miracle it was sunny, as a Welshie I am used to rainy Bank Holidays so this was a rarity. Whilst in my sleepy just awoken state Matt had the brilliant idea that we get up and out early to make the most of it. We were down the bay by half past 10, which was surprisingly busy due to a charity run so we headed out over the barrage towards Penarth Marina. It's a pretty epic walk but was really interesting to see all the yachts being let out through the barrage and the mechanisms behind it. 
However, I'm not going to lie, I refused to walk back and insisted on getting on the Aquabus back, as the name suggested it's a boat and it's a really nice little sail actually!
Such a lovely day out and I can't wait for more!
Tomorrow it's my Birthday and we are off to Longleat, surprise! I'm going to make a conscious effort to vlog - actually quite enjoy it now. 
Hope you enjoyed your Bank Holiday!

Sometimes it's nice to appreciate the scenery around you that gets forgotten in everyday life.


The Day Trip... Adventure Golf at the Celtic Manor...

Saturday, 11 May 2013

celtic manor golf

Once every two weeks I get a half day off because I work a Saturday morning, last week it fell on Matt's day off too so we decided to do something different - roll on Crazy Golf at the Celtic Manor. 
The afternoon was amazing and not expensive either. The Celtic Manor is so luxurious - I felt right at home ha.
The first part of the course is a pirate theme almost, the best part is the raft pictured where you have to pull yourself across the water to get to the other holes and the second half is based on the world's most famous golf courses. It's really a fun afternoon out.

If you live near I really would suggest a visit, there is a park, archery and rope mazes you can go on too! Next visit I am hoping for a Spa Day.

Have you ever been?



The Favourites... April...

Friday, 10 May 2013
april favourites
Ray Ban Wayfarers //  Models Own - White // Twisted Sista Curl Spray * // Topshop Cream Blush Head Over Heels // Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

A nice mix of products for this months favourites from sunglasses to cream blush! For a start the sunglasses are there to represent the sun and the fact that it might not be crazily warm but where I live it's dry and bright in the mornings which makes getting up for work just that little bit easier. 
This month I have been making my nail polish colours pop with a coat of white polish underneath them, stops me having to wear about 10 layers of certain polishes to get a decent level of opacity. 
I've also got back into lipstains and longer lasting lipsticks after a flit with lipgloss, it's just so much easier for work and I've even started wearing blusher. Again. Topshop head over heels is my favourite.
And finally a product that I love but I don't even use it properly, oops. The Twisted Sista Curl spray is supposed to be used on wet hair but I prefer it to spruce up my second day curls after using my totem styler from enrapture. I spritz some through the ends and rough my hair up to leave me with nice messy curls.
The sunglasses symbolize that Summer could well be on it's way, it's so nice to feel the heat on my skin and drive with the windows down again.

What have been your favourites this month, link me up!



The Haul... Boots...

Thursday, 9 May 2013
Boots haul

I'm sure we have all been there, you pop into boots for some essentials and end up landing £40 on the counter. That's just what happened to me last weekend. Since doing the Project Samples, I posted about this yesterday, I actually realised there were indeed a few things that were missing or I needed to repurchase.
Soap and Glory were on a 3 for 2 deal so used this to my advantage and took out three of the things that were on my shopping list. After using up all the sachets of conditioner there wasn't really one that I wanted to repurchase so I decided to try the Soap and Glory one. I've only used it once so haven't really decided on whether I like it yet. Another item that was needed was an exfoliator. With Leanne's wedding rapidly approaching and me having to bear my arms  keratosis pilaris and all! - I need to get them looking fairly smooth, this exfoliator heats up so will be interesting to see how that turns out. Finally from Soap and Glory I picked up one of their massive shower gels, apparently these last for ages and I liked a sample I tried out! I often use shower gels as shaving gel too so this should be great value for money. 

Some more hair products because apparently I don't have enough. The build up removal shampoo from Boots is something that has been on my wishlist for a while but it has always been out of stock. For once there it was so I picked it up, perfect timing too because I've just finished the Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo, heads up - I prefer this one. Finally I bought a volumising hair dry spray, or however you describe it! Leanne had forgotten all her hair things when she came down and was asking for some sort of spray before she dried her hair, I've always been envious of her hair so this was a must. I tried the Charles Worthington Front Row Blow Dry Spray mainly because it was on offer and I couldn't be bothered to hunt the aisles. Let's just say it is love.

I do love a good Boots shopping spree!

What are you essentials?



The Sunday Snapshot... Sunglasses...

Saturday, 4 May 2013
sunglasses haul

The sun is out ladies and gentlemen, I repeat the SUN IS OUT! I love sunglasses and I have numerous pairs in every style so when the sun shines I am at my happiest. I always feel better when the sun is shining whether it's summer or winter. Although the winter sun really gets on my nerves, especially when driving. It can be so dangerous and sometimes even the sun visor on the car doesn't even help! So I always have a pair of sunglasses in the car too, secret: I even wear them when it rains - channel my inner Victoria Beckham ;)

My ultimate favourites are my Ray Ban Wayfarers, I even have reading glasses in the style. I think they are one of the most flattering shapes on and one of the most iconic. They are fairly pricey but to be honest there are ways of finding them cheaper, hint click on the link. They last forever too, well if you don't sit on them, my Bampy had a pair when he was younger and now he's died my nan wears them so ye
ah they do last.

On to my second favourite pair of sunglasses and that is my aviator lookalies, this time not the real Ray Ban Aviators, but a fairly good copy from somewhere. I love the mirrored lenses, some may see this as tacky but I love it. I prefer glasses where you can't see someones eyes behind the lense. I'm not sure why but it gives me the creeps.

Finally the good staple MASSIVE sunglasses, or "normal glasses" These again are just cheapy ones but they have lasted me a really long time, they are a great staple shape and if I'm honest they are perfect for keeping all the pollen out of my face when I am in the height of hayfever season. These are the glasses that are always in my car, handbag... well just everywhere. Although I wish I could find a decent case to fit them in.

I am such a sunglasses fiend, I wish I could pull off all the quirky styles. I've seen loads I'd love to wear like the ones with flowers all over them but I think I should just stick to the classics.

Today we have helped Matts mum and stepdad have a good sort out, which has meant I've gained a couple of pairs of shoes and some awesome ebay items!! Nothing like a bank holiday weekend to get the duster out haha! Starting with makeup then all cosmetic things and I need to film some videos! What are you up to this bank holiday?

What is your staple shape sunglasses?

I promise April Favourites will be up tomorrow!!



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The Event... Cardiff Blogger Meet...

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

This weekend I was at the Cardiff Blogger Meet up and it was so lovely to see everyone, old faces and new!
Here are just some of the photos from the day from Leanne's camera (fancy camera I WANT ONE!). It was a great day of pizza, cakes, cocktails and gossip.

Leanne was down for the weekend, we baked slutty brownies, gossiped and the bridesmaid dress fits -PHEW!

I love meeting up with other bloggers, there will be a vlog of the day up soon on my youtube channel! The girls did a great job of organising too, perfect.