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Saturday, 25 May 2013


I have never been a regular subscriber to a beauty box service. I'd ordered the first glossy box due to the hype but never went back to it. I wasn't really in the position to commit to £10+ a month for some samples so I cancelled. I also tried the She Said Beauty box once and then cancelled that. I guess I just couldn't just justify it. I have to admit I do LOVE getting a random box of things through the post each month though. I now have the April Birchbox thanks to the Cardiff Blogger Meet Up and I still haven't made my mind up about whether I would happily pay for these things. Especially since discovering Fragrance Direct where you can buy so many things (and things you want) for £10.
Included in my box was the Minernesse Perfect Kiss Lipstick pencil, these are becoming ever more popular. The shade is a lovely wearable pinkish-red so would be great day or night. Next was the Paname Paris Mirror, great for in the makeup bag. I also had a very fancy soap, although I did give this to my mum, I guess this is a risk you face with the monthly boxes. I had a small sample of the Gerda Spillman Renaissance age serum, another item I wasn't sure of but will whack it on and hope. I think some boxes offer services where you can customise whats in your box, not sure if they actually do that though! I do like a foaming cleanser when I am not using the hot cloth cleasners from Superdrug so it will be nice to try the Natio one and finally I had the Weleda Skin Food this I have heard great things about and I can't wait to try it on any dry skin I have.

I'm off to Wenworth tomorrow to watch the golf, it's going to be another long day but hopefully a sunny one!

Do you subscribe to a beauty box?



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  1. Must give it a try!

    I follow back xx