The Day Trip... Adventure Golf at the Celtic Manor...

Saturday, 11 May 2013

celtic manor golf

Once every two weeks I get a half day off because I work a Saturday morning, last week it fell on Matt's day off too so we decided to do something different - roll on Crazy Golf at the Celtic Manor. 
The afternoon was amazing and not expensive either. The Celtic Manor is so luxurious - I felt right at home ha.
The first part of the course is a pirate theme almost, the best part is the raft pictured where you have to pull yourself across the water to get to the other holes and the second half is based on the world's most famous golf courses. It's really a fun afternoon out.

If you live near I really would suggest a visit, there is a park, archery and rope mazes you can go on too! Next visit I am hoping for a Spa Day.

Have you ever been?




  1. That raft thing looks so cool! I love crazy golf, even though I'm terrible at it haha xx

  2. I've been there a few times for work parties and weddings but have never really tried any of the facilities. I quite fancy trying their afternoon tea. Maybe me and spencer can compromise, I play crazy good with him then he eats afternoon tea with me x