The Day Trip... Celebrity Cup at the Celtic Manor...

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

A spur of the moment day out for Matt and I happened a couple of weeks ago, amazingly I got offered free tickets with work so with Matt the golfer (and me the celeb loveerr) we spent a lovely day at the Celtic Manor.
It was a charity day where celebrities represented Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland and played golf all day until there was a winner. To be honest after getting up at 6am to get there for 8am I wasn't really paying attention to the winners. There were some awesome stands there too from trick shots, to power shots and a master class with Colin Montgomery. Even I found that interesting.
The weather wasn't great, it started off dry but soon poured with rain, my hunter wellies* came in really handy that day. Matt even won another round of golf there for us! Confession, it's a game of crazy golf though.
I was supposed to have a productive day of filming, editing and blogging today. However I've come down with a sore throat, lost the pre-filmed videos and blogger was playing up earlier. So I've cleaned some of the flat instead. I would say that I cleaned all the flat but Matt will probably read this and know it would be a complete lie. I have however finally sorted the Hamster issues out. To sum it up the boys turned out to be all girls and then a couple of them were actually boys so they are now separated into various cages so hopefully they haven't mated yet. I did spend last night looking at hamster genitals for far too long.

Hope you had a lovely bank holiday.




  1. We were going to buy tickets to this. Same story really, I like celebs and Spencer likes golf! We completely forgot to book though. x

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  3. I'm not really into golf but I think I'd have enjoyed this too, its nice to be out and about when you have a free day, get some fresh air even if the suns not out! xx

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