The Night In... A Dominio's Pizza Night...

Friday, 24 May 2013

Picture the scene. I'm up early for work, worked until lunchtime, flew home (well not literally) got changed and then spent the afternoon playing crazy golf which I blogged about before. We were starving and when that happens the above usually happens. Yes a Dominos pizza feast. Naughty but also very nice I make my Dominos evenings last for two days by always leaving enough for a left over Dominos lunch. I do this because I can never finish the pizza in one evening unless I am feeling super fat of an evening and also because Dominos is pricey, there is no getting around it. Although saying that there are ALWAYS voucher codes available and they have actually even text me an offer today.
The two pizzas we had were the Chimichuri Pizza and the Hot Dog Stuffed Crust. The Chimichrri was created by a competition winner Maria Tyrrell, who won a comepition on This Morning and in turn the pizza headed to Dominos menus nation wide. Unfortunately Dominos actually got our order wrong and put the Chimichurri sauce on the Hot Dog Stuffed Crust pizza so Matt had both new things to try. This wasn't the first time our orders had got mixed up from the dominos local to us but this time we were too hungry to call them and get it changed although not a good time to mess up an order when the pizzas are being reviewed?
Anyway, Matt liked the stuffed crust, added a little "summin summin" to the crusts that he usually leaves. He wasn't too keen on it without a dollop of sauce though. The sauce he wasn't so keen on, but I actually really liked it. I think it made the pizza taste more sophisticated. I don't really know how to describe it other than that, it added a grown up edge to it.
And then we polished it off with some yummy ice cream.

Have you tried the new pizza from Dominos?
What is your favourite pizza?




  1. I got a text from Dominos today as well! And I'm the same, I have half the pizza for dinner and then the rest the next day for lunch.

    - Tabitha at x

  2. That food looks so good!

  3. Dominoes is my all time favourite takeaway! Love the little garlic and cheese swirly things....mmmm!

    Claire x