The Outfit Post... A black dress affair...

Monday, 20 May 2013
Dress - Asos
Shoes - She Likes *

Shock horror there is Charli stood there in a dress, with no tights and she actually went out like this. I honestly think someone should get the record books out and mark this occasion. There was a family engagement party so I was scouting the pages of ASOS for a little black dress and I didn't actually have one. There was also a 20% off code which helped. I wanted a black dress to wear with these gorgeous shoes from She Likes, can anyone say Zara Dupe?
I also like that the dress has sleeves because we all know I do not get my arms out, saying that I never thought I would wear a dress without tights... hmmmm.

PS, Sally Hansen airbursh legs is amazing for people who's shins don't take the colour of fake tan like mine!




  1. I love it all and those shoes are very chic x

  2. You look beautiful. You should definitely get your legs out more often :) x

  3. That dress is divine on you! And those shoes.... Damn my spending ban!


  4. pretty dress.