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Saturday, 4 May 2013
sunglasses haul

The sun is out ladies and gentlemen, I repeat the SUN IS OUT! I love sunglasses and I have numerous pairs in every style so when the sun shines I am at my happiest. I always feel better when the sun is shining whether it's summer or winter. Although the winter sun really gets on my nerves, especially when driving. It can be so dangerous and sometimes even the sun visor on the car doesn't even help! So I always have a pair of sunglasses in the car too, secret: I even wear them when it rains - channel my inner Victoria Beckham ;)

My ultimate favourites are my Ray Ban Wayfarers, I even have reading glasses in the style. I think they are one of the most flattering shapes on and one of the most iconic. They are fairly pricey but to be honest there are ways of finding them cheaper, hint click on the link. They last forever too, well if you don't sit on them, my Bampy had a pair when he was younger and now he's died my nan wears them so ye
ah they do last.

On to my second favourite pair of sunglasses and that is my aviator lookalies, this time not the real Ray Ban Aviators, but a fairly good copy from somewhere. I love the mirrored lenses, some may see this as tacky but I love it. I prefer glasses where you can't see someones eyes behind the lense. I'm not sure why but it gives me the creeps.

Finally the good staple MASSIVE sunglasses, or "normal glasses" These again are just cheapy ones but they have lasted me a really long time, they are a great staple shape and if I'm honest they are perfect for keeping all the pollen out of my face when I am in the height of hayfever season. These are the glasses that are always in my car, handbag... well just everywhere. Although I wish I could find a decent case to fit them in.

I am such a sunglasses fiend, I wish I could pull off all the quirky styles. I've seen loads I'd love to wear like the ones with flowers all over them but I think I should just stick to the classics.

Today we have helped Matts mum and stepdad have a good sort out, which has meant I've gained a couple of pairs of shoes and some awesome ebay items!! Nothing like a bank holiday weekend to get the duster out haha! Starting with makeup then all cosmetic things and I need to film some videos! What are you up to this bank holiday?

What is your staple shape sunglasses?

I promise April Favourites will be up tomorrow!!



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