The Sunday Snapshot... A Catch Up...

Sunday, 30 June 2013
hen weekend
gel nails

I guess I should start by saying thank you if you are still here after two weeks of internet silence on here from me. Real life has swamped me of late and I think anyone who's blog isn't "their job" will let that slip first. How nice would it be to let go of those things in real life for a while and concentrate on writing... One can dream. My laptop is on the blink which makes blogging a real ball ache (ironic I type that as I watch Man with the ten stone testicles!) it's constantly cutting out so I have to restart it every 5 minutes and as much as I thought I could blog on my tablet, well, yeah that's not going to great either! When it comes to typing for a fair amount of time I like a keyboard.
So a round up of things from the last two weeks here it goes...

The main event was last weekend going to England for Leanne's hen weekend! Guess what - I got the train from Cardiff to Swindon with no panic attacks - GO ME! I am so proud of myself (I did the return journey too!) I never thought I would be able to do it but in a weird way I found it enjoyable. Apart from sitting opposite a young child who loved kicking my knees the whole way there - it was fun. The hen weekend was awesome and a much needed relaxing weekend away. I think we should all do it again actually.

My nails were something I treated myself too before going away, a girl I was in school with called Jodie does them and even though I do them myself at home sometimes it is nice to be treated and I went a little crazy with white and glitter tips. The glitter is actually craft glitter, not a glitter gel that I thought it would be. 

I have done a fair bit of sale shopping over the last few months, hauls are something that I stopped blogging/youtubing about. I'm not really sure why but I just didn't have the urge to. I might do a round up of things I have bought rather than a super haul or loads of hauls. Especially ones from NEXT and ASOS sale. Saying that I could do a NEXT one, an ASOS sale one and then a combination of everywhere else - Oh and - they have up to a third off french skin care ending this month!! My favourite clothing finds have to be the sequin sleeve jacket and dinosaur tshirt though.

Finally last night I went out of a leaving do of my old manager. The very manly outfit above is what I wore out, I even got told I looked very trendy... Were they right? There has been a reshuffle around the branches so we all got together for a catch up. It was lovely to see all the people that I haven't seen in ages and ended up being a later night than I first planned, even though I don't drink I am so tired today. I woke up at 8, ate a bacon sandwich and then slept until 12:30.. now it's quarter past two and I feel like I've wasted the day even though I have nothing to do. 

Hope your Sunday is a chilled as you need it to be! Here is to getting back to blogging. I can't promise how regularly it will be in the next few weeks, there are changes afoot in my life and all sorts going on. Hopefully tell you all about the good ones soon.



Oh and just incase the rumours are true and GFC and reader is going POOF tomorrow, my link are at the bottom of the post as always!

The Sunday Post... Happy Father's Day...

Sunday, 16 June 2013



"Any man could be a Father but it takes someone special to be a Dad"

Happy Father's Day to the best Bampy the world could have wished for, the memories will never fade and your watch will always be on my wrist along with a tattoo that's there for you. Even though you would have hated it.

Happy Father's Day to my Mother Bear, I think the quote above says it all. Sometimes your Dad isn't a man, but an amazing woman who has is both Mother and Father to a child. What does come from this is a child who has the up most respect and admiration for her and a child who has never missed out on anything in life. Thanks Mother Bear.

Well that's a nice and deep post there - normal makeup musing will resume tomorrow!



The unloved but can't get rid ofs... Bright Eye Liners...

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Miss Sporty - Eucalyptus // Collection - Purple Passion & Kingfisher

One of my many past time since starting a blog is looking through my makeup. I do this a lot to try and make sure I rotate products and try and make sure that non go un-loved. However there are some that manage to slip the net. I decided that this would be a good opportunity to decide whether there is any point in me keeping these or giving them to a new home. Or to be truthful just pop them in the bin as some I have had for years.

These three eyeliners are a perfect example of this and if I am honest I can't remember when I even bought them - or why. I don't think I have ever really worn them, apart from the Miss Sporty one because there is a fair amount worn out of the product. I *think* I used to wear this when I first started wearing makeup and I can only imagine this looked awful, especially with my mismatched foundation and red cheeks. What a catch. 

As for the Collection duo I don't even remember wearing these. I just don't think I suit colours on my eyes, hence the majority of neutral palettes I own. I always reach for browns and I think that colour is too much for work. I also think I reach for the neutrals because I love wearing bright lips and I don't think you can wear colour on both your eyes and lips.

Is there a place for coloured eye liners in my stash? Maybe, but is coloured eye liner a pre-teen trend that needs to be left there?

What do you think?



The Event... Lush...

Tuesday, 11 June 2013
Breath of Fresh Air Toner // Ultrabland *// Superbalm *// Angels on Bare Skin *// The Comforter // Rehab Shampoo *

Last Wednesday a fair few of us Cardiff Bloggers all filled into the Lush store on Cardiff's Queen Street and stayed in there amoungst the bath bombs and bubble bars for a good hour and a half. We were treated to skin care consultations, demonstrations and lots of natter about everything Lush has to offer.

I am an avid Lush fan, I have been from the moment I knew what it was about. Their ethics are something that makes me love them even more, read more here. I loved having the chance to look around the store which is something I haven't done in a while, especially since not working in the center of town - I try and avoid town on weekends as much as I can. Of course I didn't go home empty handed and had a nice carrier bag worth of products to get stuck into.

Most of the things in Lush I have tried and found things that I will always repurchase. The number one product in this category from Lush is The Comforter. This bubble bar is HUGE and I can get so many baths out of it. I didn't think I would like such a scented bar but because I use such small amounts the scent can be quite subtle. My skin feels silky smooth after a Comforter bath which of course is ideal after a long week in work, a Sunday night or just any day. On Wednesday it was the first item I picked up.

During the evening the lovely Naomi conducted a skin care consultation with me and I came away with a sample of Ultrabland which is a really gentle cleanser. It's a balm so really thick and luxurious and Gemma (FatFrocks) is a mega fan of this, she's pretty much converted me to buying a full one even before I've tried it properly. I've used Ultrabalm a couple of times now and I think I'm starting to love it. The next step we looked at was toners. The one I loved the feel of was Breath of Fresh Air , this feels exactly the same as the Caudile Beauty Elixr but for a fraction of the price so I picked up a small bottle to try it out for a while. I like how refreshing the toner is and it seems like a great one to use in the morning to wake your skin up. I was also shown the serum bar and will probably pick that up at a later date.

We all got to take home a pot of the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser which some of the girls managed to watch get made up. The ground almonds in there give a nice exfoliation to the face but it's also so gentle that it would irritate your skin. I've been using this every other day in the evening and it's a much liked step to my routine.

Then finally I picked Naomi's brains about the problems I am having with my hair at the moment. I seem to have dandruff and I have no idea why. I make sure all the products are washed out of my hair before I get out of the shower. Naomi recommended Rehab and Superbalm to combat this so I have a couple of pots of each to try. I haven't tried the balm yet (I am tonight) but the shampoo is being bought as soon as I use what is in my cupboard. 

I'll do some individual reviews when I've used the products for a while.

What are you must haves from Lush?



The Sunday Snapshot... Summer...

Sunday, 9 June 2013
black rabbit

This is Bertie at a BBQ that we had at my Mum's house on Saturday, what an amazing day! It was the first Saturday I had off in a while so I made the most of it, we had a lovely day with amazing company. My Mum's god parents were there too, both in their 80s and both incredible. Aunty Mags even turned up in a neon dress, truely amazing. I took Bertie so he could have a good run around the garden on his lead. He loves it and sat for hours in the shade, I'm sure he thinks he is a dog.

My Mum's partner is from Iran and cooks the most amazing BBQ marinades, I look forward to them so much. We ate lamb and chicken with rice with an awesome salad created by my mother bear.

Not really much to report, although I am about to head off into the fridge and get the aftersun out - yep I burnt, I missed bits with the sun tan lotion. Oh and we are looking at holidays, found a hotel with a petting zoo, yes you did read that right.

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend.



The Makeup Collection... Natural Collection Lipsticks...

Saturday, 8 June 2013
natural collection lipsticks


Pink Orchid // Crimson // Raspberry // Rose Petal

A bit of a collection-y style post this evening for you all from one of the most affordable brands around, Natural Collection. At only £1.99 these are the perfect lipsticks to buy if you just want to try a new colour or have one to throw in your handbag. 
Saying that this brand of lipsticks has become one of my most loved and most used. Crimson is an awesome true red which I find myself reaching for over those higher in price. The application is perfect, so opaque, and the colour lasts a fair few hours on my lips - without bleeding. I guess if I were a "town goer" then this would be the lipstick that I would take out. I wouldn't be too heartbroken if it got ruined or lost because I'd happily replace it at £1.99.

Raspberry is my favourite colour out of the four of them, I wear it so often and it's a great day or night lipstick. This one lasts the longest out of the lot for me, but I think that is because it wears so well, fading really evenly. 

Pink Orchid I bought when trying to hunt for a replacement for my much loved Avon lipstick that's discontinued and it's not a bad dupe. A nice silvery pink which is so lovely to wear in the summer this lipstick gets a fair amount of wear. Rose Petal I can't say the same for, I find this colour too pale for me but I am holding on, trying to find a good mix for it with another colour. If I can't it will be donated to my cousin.

Hope everyone is having an egg-cellent evening (yes BGT reference there!!) I will be having a day of blogging, filming and editing tomorrow so hopefully will have some new content on here. Oh that's after a PT session at 9am... bleugh.



The Baking Post... Slutty Brownies...

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Photos - Leanne

Slutty Brownies have done the rounds a fair bit on blogs lately so when Leanne was down a few weeekends ago we decided to make them. Basically just using packet mixes and a pack of Oreos they tasted awesome.

The only problem was we didn't take pictures of the finished masterpiece. 

What's your favourite thing to bake?



The Sunday Post... Fragrance Direct Haul...

Sunday, 2 June 2013

A little haul post for you this Sunday, not really sure what happened this week. I just didn't feel like posting at all. Being full up with a cold meant that I wanted to just curl up and sleep in the evenings - coupled with work being short staffed again. I've spent most of the morning filming so now going to have an afternoon editing with a trip to the gym inbetween. Yes I am back on that gym band wagon with new routines and gym clothes! Anway, back to the makeup...

Well what a revelation this website has been to myself. I had heard of it mainly due to it's hype with them selling Essie nail polishes for £1.99 but I hadn't really ventured on it until last week. Fragrance Direct sells a fair selection of cosmetics that you can get on the high street but for a significantly cheaper price.

As you can see I picked up a fair few things (some for my Mother Bear) and all this only cost me £30. Bargain. First off the Maybelliene Fit Me foundation, I've been wanting to try this for a while and it was only £4 so I picked up the shade 125 just from reading blogs and figuring who uses the same shade in other foundations, fingers crossed it's a good colour match.

Then I hit the lipsticks, and hit them hard I did. The Rimmel lipsticks retail in boots for over treble the price I paid for them (£1.99) so this really is a super saving. I picked up four, I thought I would get the colours I know I would get the use out of but also took a gamble on Shade 4, I've seen purple lips everywhere and really wanted to try it.

The Maybelliene Coloursentational Lipsticks have caught my eye in Boots so when I saw them on Fragrance Direct I went abit loopy and bought 5. I tried googling some swatches but just took the plunge and ordered some random ones. I haven't tried the colours out yet but the jelly like on intrigues me.

Last but not least I stocked up on numerous Dainty Doll blushers. I think these will end up being more like highlighters on me than blushers but I am still pretty happy with the colours and will blog about them individually. I've heard good things and read good things about these blushers so it seems a shame that the brand is soon to be gone. I wish I'd gone on there sooner and managed to catch the lipsticks before they had gone out of stock.

I also picked up an Elizabeth Arden blusher for £4.50 for my Mum and the feedback so far is that it is really good.

Have you bought anything from Fragrance Direct before?

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend and that it's sunny around where you are!



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