Saturday, 8 June 2013

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natural collection lipsticks


Pink Orchid // Crimson // Raspberry // Rose Petal

A bit of a collection-y style post this evening for you all from one of the most affordable brands around, Natural Collection. At only £1.99 these are the perfect lipsticks to buy if you just want to try a new colour or have one to throw in your handbag. 
Saying that this brand of lipsticks has become one of my most loved and most used. Crimson is an awesome true red which I find myself reaching for over those higher in price. The application is perfect, so opaque, and the colour lasts a fair few hours on my lips - without bleeding. I guess if I were a "town goer" then this would be the lipstick that I would take out. I wouldn't be too heartbroken if it got ruined or lost because I'd happily replace it at £1.99.

Raspberry is my favourite colour out of the four of them, I wear it so often and it's a great day or night lipstick. This one lasts the longest out of the lot for me, but I think that is because it wears so well, fading really evenly. 

Pink Orchid I bought when trying to hunt for a replacement for my much loved Avon lipstick that's discontinued and it's not a bad dupe. A nice silvery pink which is so lovely to wear in the summer this lipstick gets a fair amount of wear. Rose Petal I can't say the same for, I find this colour too pale for me but I am holding on, trying to find a good mix for it with another colour. If I can't it will be donated to my cousin.

Hope everyone is having an egg-cellent evening (yes BGT reference there!!) I will be having a day of blogging, filming and editing tomorrow so hopefully will have some new content on here. Oh that's after a PT session at 9am... bleugh.




  1. I love Natural Collection, great value products! I like the rose petal colour!


  2. I have crimson and I love it. I really need to try out more of the natural collection lipsticks xx

  3. Wow these are really pretty colours. I usually overlook the natural collection stand but i swatched some eyeshadows the other day and they have some nice bits.



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