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Sunday, 9 June 2013
black rabbit

This is Bertie at a BBQ that we had at my Mum's house on Saturday, what an amazing day! It was the first Saturday I had off in a while so I made the most of it, we had a lovely day with amazing company. My Mum's god parents were there too, both in their 80s and both incredible. Aunty Mags even turned up in a neon dress, truely amazing. I took Bertie so he could have a good run around the garden on his lead. He loves it and sat for hours in the shade, I'm sure he thinks he is a dog.

My Mum's partner is from Iran and cooks the most amazing BBQ marinades, I look forward to them so much. We ate lamb and chicken with rice with an awesome salad created by my mother bear.

Not really much to report, although I am about to head off into the fridge and get the aftersun out - yep I burnt, I missed bits with the sun tan lotion. Oh and we are looking at holidays, found a hotel with a petting zoo, yes you did read that right.

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend.




  1. Aww, Bertie looks so cute.

  2. HOTEL WITH A PETTING ZOO, WHERE IS THIS HEAVENLY PLACE? Bertie is too cute, sitting on his lil lead :) so nice to get the family together, yours sound like so much fun xx

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  3. Hotel with a petting zoo?? What, where, how much???!?!?
    I love a good BBQ :) x