The Favourites... July 2013...

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Back on track with favourites this month, there may or may not be a video, at this moment I can't tell if I will have time to film it! I'm being all prepared and typing this up a few days before the end of the month! There is one familiar face in my favourites again and that's the La Roche Posay Efficlar Duo* purely because it has been helping me keep a not so sweaty face on hot days and always giving me a nice base to put on my makeup in the mornings when I am a half asleep monster. The Maybelline Fit Me Foundation  was a true favourite in the last couple of weeks of July, specifically from when I had my fake tan done for Leanne's wedding. The colour is my tan colour so this limits when I can wear it so will be picking up a lighter shade for the winter months when they appear. It's lightweight but allows me to build up a level of coverage that I like and is dewy so that you look glowing not sweaty. 
On my eyes this month I have been loving a mascara that I honestly wished I had tried and hated. I'm talking about Benefit They're Real Mascara* which is £19.50 - say whut! But that's the only part of this mascara I'm unimpressed by. It gives me massive lashes, curled and that don't smudge. Perfect. However I still think the Rimmel mascara that's been in my other favourites is a strong contender. Another eye related product is the Mini Tweezerman Tweezers I bought mine from ASOS for £12.50 and I am so glad that I invested finally. They are perfectly sized and pack a punch when it comes to pulling out the finest hairs, a welcome upgrade to my cheap tweezers I was using before.
The Bourjois Paris Colour Boost Lip Crayon was thrown into my basket on a last minute boots trip before Leanne's Wedding, mainly because I'd seen hers and fell in love with the colour. The finish is kinda glossy which I like because the colour still packs a punch, I have the colour orange punch.
My final favourite is the Bare Minerals Bronzer in Warmth which I had as part of the Bare Minerals Starter Kit in Light . It's far too easy to put too much on with this product but a bit of practice, a steady hand and blending skills will leave you with a nicely bronzed face. Side note, I hate the brushes that come with the set, very scratchy and keep shedding. Has anyone else had this problem?

What have been your favourites this month? Apart from ice lollies!



The Haul Post... New Look Sale...

Monday, 29 July 2013

White Sheer Shirt - £9 // Black Sheer Shirt - £9
White Peplum Top - £7 // Blue Peplum - £5

Clearly I have stocked up on the staples in this little haul. You can't really go wrong with a black and white shirt, especially sheer shirts in my eyes. For only £9 they are loose, but also nicely structured so they fall well and I can dress them for work, casually or to go out of an evening. 

My love for the peplum shape hasn't gone and these two are perfect for office wear and casual wear. I think these types of tops are the smarter version of wearing a vest top to work? I just need to get in the gym before I feel comfortable enough to get my arms out again!

New Look's Sale is actually pretty awesome so I suggest a look.



The Sunday Post... Making a Flat into a Home...

Sunday, 28 July 2013
Chalk Board Canisters - Matalan // Coral Mirror - Matalan // Grater - Matalan // Tongs - Matalan // Chalk - The Range

Today Matt and I woke up late, well 10am and that's late considering we usually wake up at 6:30am work days. Knowing that we had nothing planned for a change we did the usual of pottering around some shops. The reason behind heading to Matalan was supposed to be for work clothes for me, but we didn't end up buying any clothes and dropped a small amount on the home-y items in the sale. 
The first things that took our fancy were the tea/coffee pots where you can write on the chalk board on the front. That was me sold so we bought three. I like it because as you can see we don't have a normal tea one, it's peppermint tea because that's my tipple of choice. They came in at a bargainou £2.50. At only £2 the neon coral mirror is just perfect because a) the colour is awesome and b) it has the magnified side too. 
We needed to replace a couple of kitchen utensils so picked up a bright grater and a bright pair of tongs which were 2 for £3. We also got two really soft throws for the lounge which I am currently snuggled under and they were only £2.50.
The Matalan sale was awesome, I seem to have posted about this shop a fair bit recently but this was the normal store and not the clearance shop!
After that we had a filthy Mc Donalds and headed to The Range to buy some chalk to write on the pots!

What did you get up to this weekend?
My last week in my current job - ahh!



The Cosmetics Post... Facial Water Sprays...

Friday, 26 July 2013

Remember when that Magicool came out? Basically water in a can that you sprayed on your face to cool down! That's what I thought these facial sprays were all about until I tried the Caudile Beauty Elixr. Apparently there are skin care benefits to the hybrid that's out now - who knew? Not me clearly. 
I have fallen ever so slightly in love with the Caudile Beauty Elixr but it is an expensive habit to have. At £30 a bottle it's not cheap and I flew through it. The minty refreshing spray is a staple in my handbag and I will always repurchase the same size (helps my travel sickness), I am not prepared to fork out the £30 every few weeks. After reading a few blogs I'd seen that the Grape Water by Caudile seemed to be the same refreshing face water but at a fraction of the price. This big bottle cost me just £9 from and because there is a fine mist that is sprayed out I think it will last longer. The spray refreshes and moisturises my skin especially when I spray it over makeup during the day, I need to pick up the travel size because a 200ml bottle just isn't practical. 
The travel size option I did go for this time is the Avene Thermal Spring Water basically because with the French Skin Care deal that Escentual had on it made this bottle dirt cheap. I thought it would be handy when I am bridemaid, and it was - the day was so hot. As a face spray it's nice but I prefer the Grape Water because it feels more cooling in my opinion. The PH of the water is almost neutral which is good for your skin and it leaves a barrier between your skin and all the nasties. 
These have both been life savers this past couple of weeks, especially at Leanne's wedding which was a scorcher! Even Matt is getting involved, though I don't think he will admit it ;).
What do you think of facial waters?


ps One more week left at my current job - scary!

The Cosmetics Post... Hot Weather Essentials...

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Ahh the recent weather, it's been a hot topic with everyone lately (pardon the pun) and specifically on blogs with everyone's favourite hot weather essentials so I thought that I would add my two cents worth and blog about a few things that have helped with the hot weather recently. Whatever foundation I am wearing it's always on top of the La Roche Posay Efficlar Duo* like I've said many a time it provides me with the perfect base. To refresh that base if things get a little too dried out is the last remains of my Caudalie Beauty Elixr  gets sprayed on my face. We've all heard loads about it so I won't go into too much detail and even though I'm not going to buy it again, I still love it. 
To keep my eye makeup on all day I've been using my Maybelline Colour Tattoos, does it bug anyone else in the UK that they use the American spelling? Just me? Anyway, they last all day, provide a lovely base for all of my eyeshadows and are just pretty much perfect. Paired with the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain my makeup lasts all day!

What have been your hot weather essentials?



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The Haul Post... Matalan Clearance..

Monday, 22 July 2013




A few months ago I wrote this post about a recent discovery of the Matalan Clearance store which is about 30 mins from where I live. I had some great bargains that day and all for under £20, well I went back there again last week and bought everything above for only £35.

I went there with a mental note of re-looking at their printed trousers. I bought a really nice blue pair last time but now I felt a bit more adventurous and with a plain shirt I think they are office appropriate. The brownish coloured ones are a more casual fit which Aimi bought last time we were there, I snapped them up for £5. They are really comfy and I think I can get away with loads of colours of tops with them. Due to their style I can dress them up for smarter days or dress them down for the more casual days.

The white pair of printed trousers were more of a "hmm we will see how we look in these" and for a fiver I thought why not. Appears I was a bit too optimistic with the sizing and need to go back and get a 12, I still like them though and same as above think I can wear them a few ways.

The blue pair were £2, I loved the pattern and for £2 they were coming home with me. It doesn't matter that I won't fit into them for a while because they are a size 8, they were £2?!?! Does anyone else do this? Buy clothes just because they are dirt cheap?

The good ol' sheer shirt. "Charli Shirts" as they are known by people who know me. I picked up the purple floral one for £5 and I just love the inky print on there. The cream shirt was only £3 and there is a line of sparkle down the front which will add a little something something to a work outfit. And finally the printed top, it's something so different to anything I own. The top is sleeveless, long and had a sheer panel at the front on the bottom, odd? Yes. But I think it looks alright! For £6, I was happy.

Then the bags! There wasn't many shoes I liked and was disappointed I didn't find and £2 heels this time but I did pick up these two bags. The clutch bag was £2 and I think we all know my thoughts on neon colours. LOVE. I don't own a clutch bag, well now I do, it's a new concept to me to carry less than a suitcase around with me. The rose gold detail shopper bag was the priciest piece at £7 but I love it. I have a feeling that I'm going to be carrying my lunch, notes and files to work in this because it's huge! Not that I can't fit it all in my Zara City Bag though... oops.

What do you think to my haul?

Have you visited your nearest clearance store yet?


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The Sunday Snapshot... Being Bridesmaid...

Saturday, 20 July 2013

This time last week I had the absolute honor of being Bridesmaid for Leanne, well this time last week we were at the rehearsal. I'll leave it up to Leanne to blog about it all when she's back from her honeymoon obviously! But I did want to start a catch up post with a mention of how amazing the day was, how amazing she looked and just how happy I was to be part of the day. Blogging is pretty amazing huh!

Blogging is also pretty time consuming, something I never really thought about until I had more than three things to focus on in life. Yes I'm talking about the wedding, the prep was insane, as well as working six days a week in my current job with my manager being on holiday blogging was just an after thought and I hated that. However I think my blog can actually start to go in the direction that I want it to soon. I wanted my blog to be more of a diary, of things I wear, things I use and things I do rather than just a place full of reviews. 

You may have seen me asking for recommendations for places that do great workwear clothes and that's because my new job that I start in around 2 weeks is not a place of uniform. This excites me and scares me at the same time, what if I wear something that is totally not right? Well this is where my blog is coming in. It will be easier for me to blog daily with relevant things and fit blogging into my new working routine. 

Along with that, new office has a gym right there. No excuses. I will have an hour and a half to kill everyday before I have to pick Matt up from work so in my eyes even if I sit on a bike for this time, if I can't be bothered to do weights, then it's bound to be better for me? I'm going to start a little feature (how many times have you heard me say that!) where I post the workouts I've done at the end of my Friday posts - Dress down day woo! - so I can keep a track but also might help someone? Maybe!

So that's where I have been, nothing adventurous, apart from being bridesmaid, sometimes there is more to life that my little piece of the internet. 

Here's to a fresh start, which might take a couple of months for me to get used to.

New Beginnings...



The Sunday Post... A day of Masks...

Sunday, 7 July 2013

It's no surprise that Sundays are the day when I do most of my pampering. It's the day I'm guaranteed not to be in work so I make the most of it. Usually my pamper sessions are in the evening but today I'm planning on spending the day blogging, scheduling posts (I have a busy two weeks), cleaning 7 hamsters, cleaning out 1 rabbit hutch and ironing. I'm not leaving the flat today, yes even in the sun I am planning on being inside and doing my chores so the pamper session can be spread out over the day. Right now it's almost mid day and these are the two products I applied a few hours ago.
The origins mask is supposed to be an over night mask but I felt like putting it on this morning instead. I did my usual cleanse for the morning - more on that in another post - and then slathered this on. The only down side of having this on in the day is it's all over my glasses right now.
As I've mentioned before my hair is currently fried still from the chlorine it was subjected to a couple of weekends ago and I'm doing everything (apart from cutting it) to get it looking better for Leanne's wedding. I've been slathering on the masks and the oils and it's looking better, just not brilliant. I've whacked a load of Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, whipped my hair up into a topknot and plan on leaving it in until I have a bath later. Fingers crossed it does something!

Do you have any Sunday rituals?



The Makeup Post... Sponges... Yes or No?

Saturday, 6 July 2013
make up sponge

A recent new/old addition to my makeup brush holder this month and that is the return of the makeup sponge. It's something that I've always had in my drawers from when I started wearing makeup aged 12. Back there it was fingers or a sponge and that's as far as my knowledge went. In that limited knowledge was the method of "spread and smear" foundation over my face with a sponge similar to that on the left - this was also before I realised that you had to wet the sponges, yes that's right I was using dry sponges...ick.

Fast forward 11 years (holy crapola I've been wearing makeup for 11 years!!) and I think (hope) that my makeup application has improved drastically. For years I always used brushes, I started off with the flat foundation brushes then moved onto more of a buffing brush. The Real Techniques buffing brush has become a personal favourite ever since I purchased it last year, previously I was using the ELF one and I've not strayed from it for a long time.

It was only until I saw Leanne using her Beauty Blender on her hen weekend that I decided to get the sponges back out and see if I can make them work for me. First off I actually wet the sponges now and then wring them out in my towel, I might try and find an old spray bottle and just spray the sponge every morning instead. Then after applying my foundation with the Real Techniques buffing brush I dab over my face with the sponge on the right of the picture (from h&m). This gets rid of any streak marks and is actually really relaxing, especially the cold sponge on my face on a warm morning. Leanne swears by the Beauty Blender but I can't see me switching to that any time soon.

Do you use a make up sponge?
Do you have any tips?



The Product Review... La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5...

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

It is no secret that I have a pretty horrible skin condition on my arms, it's called Keratosis Pilaris and it's the bane of my vain life. My arms are rough, red and spotty. I have tried numerous things to try and cure my keratosis pilaris with no luck in ANY of them. The best thing that I have found is to cover it with fake tan but that is really just one big ball ache having to fake tan all the time. 
Enter La Roche-Posay and their Cicaplast Baume. This has really helped, along side some frantic exfoliation my upper arms are looking the best they have in a while.
The balm is really thick and feels so nice on the skin but at the same time absorbs really quickly and doesn't leave a greasy feeling for long. 
This product contains La Roche-Posay Thermal Water (anti-oxidant, soothing), Panthenol 5% (aka Vitamin B5, soothing), CopperManganese and Zinc (for skin recovery), as well as Madecassoside (anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial). There is also Shea Butter in there which sometimes can be too much for some people.
I really like it as an alternative to the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream and right now there is % off on on the French Skin Care until the end of June (2013) - I stocked up and I'm waiting to pick up my parcel from the depo - if that's even where it is?! 
Have you tried this cream before?
What's your must have French Skin Care?



The Haul... French Skincare at

Monday, 1 July 2013
french skincare
french skincare
french skincare
All Products -

Long time no blog, things are a little hectic in my world at the moment for reasons I hope to share with you soon as I talked about yesterday. Blogging has taken a back seat (again) so I thought I would ease myself back in with a little haul that arrived last week. Last month they had up to 30% off French skincare which to be honest is awesome, I tweeted about it lots so I hope you made the most of it. They always have offers on so many different brands and they are my go to skin care site. Plus the head office is local to me and I always have the most super speedy delivery!
Anyway, on to what I picked up. The first thing I put straight into my basket is the infamous Bioderma. Since taking part in Escentual's Micellar Blind Trial I have been wanting to pick it up. I did have samples of Bioderma and liked them so thought I would finally buy it. The little bottle is of course for my holiday later on this year, can you tell I'm excited? My skin does look and feel better when I am taking my makeup off properly and with all the products I have it's no excuse at all. I guess everybody saw Lisa Eldridge's video about her in flight routine and now I'm all about products under 100ml ha.
Next up is something that I have wanted to try for a while and that is the Caudile Grape Water. I use and love the Caudile Beauty Elixr but it's so pricey and I'm not even sure what it does apart from freshen me up, apparently this does the same job for a % of the cost so I picked up the 200ml bottle and will see.
Another face spray that I picked up is the Avene Thermale Spring Water Spray. Glorified water in a spray can or will this be a holy grail skin care item, who knows? But I am willing to give it a shot. I picked up the smallest can again with the thought of holiday but also Leanne's wedding in a couple of weeks (eek!). With any luck the weather will be awesome so I will have this on hand to cool us all down. Might also be a goody for holiday as it says it's good for sunburn. Even though I put sunscreen everywhere there is always that one patch that burns.
Last but not least the La Roche Posay Efficlar Duo which was recommended to me by Emma who works at Escentual because we seem to have the same skin type. Emma uses this as a primer and I've been loving it. My makeup goes on easier, lasts longer and my pores don't soak up all my foundation as usual. I'ts a bargain anyway but in the offer it only cost me £9.

Have you used any of the products I've bought? What are your thoughts?