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Monday, 22 July 2013




A few months ago I wrote this post about a recent discovery of the Matalan Clearance store which is about 30 mins from where I live. I had some great bargains that day and all for under £20, well I went back there again last week and bought everything above for only £35.

I went there with a mental note of re-looking at their printed trousers. I bought a really nice blue pair last time but now I felt a bit more adventurous and with a plain shirt I think they are office appropriate. The brownish coloured ones are a more casual fit which Aimi bought last time we were there, I snapped them up for £5. They are really comfy and I think I can get away with loads of colours of tops with them. Due to their style I can dress them up for smarter days or dress them down for the more casual days.

The white pair of printed trousers were more of a "hmm we will see how we look in these" and for a fiver I thought why not. Appears I was a bit too optimistic with the sizing and need to go back and get a 12, I still like them though and same as above think I can wear them a few ways.

The blue pair were £2, I loved the pattern and for £2 they were coming home with me. It doesn't matter that I won't fit into them for a while because they are a size 8, they were £2?!?! Does anyone else do this? Buy clothes just because they are dirt cheap?

The good ol' sheer shirt. "Charli Shirts" as they are known by people who know me. I picked up the purple floral one for £5 and I just love the inky print on there. The cream shirt was only £3 and there is a line of sparkle down the front which will add a little something something to a work outfit. And finally the printed top, it's something so different to anything I own. The top is sleeveless, long and had a sheer panel at the front on the bottom, odd? Yes. But I think it looks alright! For £6, I was happy.

Then the bags! There wasn't many shoes I liked and was disappointed I didn't find and £2 heels this time but I did pick up these two bags. The clutch bag was £2 and I think we all know my thoughts on neon colours. LOVE. I don't own a clutch bag, well now I do, it's a new concept to me to carry less than a suitcase around with me. The rose gold detail shopper bag was the priciest piece at £7 but I love it. I have a feeling that I'm going to be carrying my lunch, notes and files to work in this because it's huge! Not that I can't fit it all in my Zara City Bag though... oops.

What do you think to my haul?

Have you visited your nearest clearance store yet?


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  1. I really love Matalan but I'm always disappointed with their trouser sizing!

  2. Wow looks like you got some great items, especially the tops. I haven't been in Matalan for ages do find it's quite hit and miss.


  3. Really need to find this place after you mentioned it on twitter... i have a day off tomorrow and might persuade someone to drive me x

  4. I love this clutch bag, my favourite way to add neon into an outfit!