The Makeup Post... Sponges... Yes or No?

Saturday, 6 July 2013
make up sponge

A recent new/old addition to my makeup brush holder this month and that is the return of the makeup sponge. It's something that I've always had in my drawers from when I started wearing makeup aged 12. Back there it was fingers or a sponge and that's as far as my knowledge went. In that limited knowledge was the method of "spread and smear" foundation over my face with a sponge similar to that on the left - this was also before I realised that you had to wet the sponges, yes that's right I was using dry sponges...ick.

Fast forward 11 years (holy crapola I've been wearing makeup for 11 years!!) and I think (hope) that my makeup application has improved drastically. For years I always used brushes, I started off with the flat foundation brushes then moved onto more of a buffing brush. The Real Techniques buffing brush has become a personal favourite ever since I purchased it last year, previously I was using the ELF one and I've not strayed from it for a long time.

It was only until I saw Leanne using her Beauty Blender on her hen weekend that I decided to get the sponges back out and see if I can make them work for me. First off I actually wet the sponges now and then wring them out in my towel, I might try and find an old spray bottle and just spray the sponge every morning instead. Then after applying my foundation with the Real Techniques buffing brush I dab over my face with the sponge on the right of the picture (from h&m). This gets rid of any streak marks and is actually really relaxing, especially the cold sponge on my face on a warm morning. Leanne swears by the Beauty Blender but I can't see me switching to that any time soon.

Do you use a make up sponge?
Do you have any tips?




  1. That's a good idea to use it after foundation, I usually use mine to just apply it! I love the Cosmo one but just bought the Beauty Blender, can't wait to compare them! :)

  2. I'm not really a fan of sponges but I have been tempted to try and beauty blender.

    Kimberley x (currently running two giveaways, one is MAC)