The Sunday Post... A day of Masks...

Sunday, 7 July 2013

It's no surprise that Sundays are the day when I do most of my pampering. It's the day I'm guaranteed not to be in work so I make the most of it. Usually my pamper sessions are in the evening but today I'm planning on spending the day blogging, scheduling posts (I have a busy two weeks), cleaning 7 hamsters, cleaning out 1 rabbit hutch and ironing. I'm not leaving the flat today, yes even in the sun I am planning on being inside and doing my chores so the pamper session can be spread out over the day. Right now it's almost mid day and these are the two products I applied a few hours ago.
The origins mask is supposed to be an over night mask but I felt like putting it on this morning instead. I did my usual cleanse for the morning - more on that in another post - and then slathered this on. The only down side of having this on in the day is it's all over my glasses right now.
As I've mentioned before my hair is currently fried still from the chlorine it was subjected to a couple of weekends ago and I'm doing everything (apart from cutting it) to get it looking better for Leanne's wedding. I've been slathering on the masks and the oils and it's looking better, just not brilliant. I've whacked a load of Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, whipped my hair up into a topknot and plan on leaving it in until I have a bath later. Fingers crossed it does something!

Do you have any Sunday rituals?




  1. I really like the Origins mask, it smells amazing.

  2. Sunday's are all about taking it easy! I really want to give the Origins mask a try, I've heard lovely things about it!

    Jennie xo |

  3. PK's Elasticizer is amazing! If you use the clear shower cap that comes with it and heat it up for like a minute using a hairdryer then it intensifies the treatment :) that's a tip I've picked up in a salon anyway, made my hair feel LUSH!

    Sarah @ xx