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Saturday, 20 July 2013

This time last week I had the absolute honor of being Bridesmaid for Leanne, well this time last week we were at the rehearsal. I'll leave it up to Leanne to blog about it all when she's back from her honeymoon obviously! But I did want to start a catch up post with a mention of how amazing the day was, how amazing she looked and just how happy I was to be part of the day. Blogging is pretty amazing huh!

Blogging is also pretty time consuming, something I never really thought about until I had more than three things to focus on in life. Yes I'm talking about the wedding, the prep was insane, as well as working six days a week in my current job with my manager being on holiday blogging was just an after thought and I hated that. However I think my blog can actually start to go in the direction that I want it to soon. I wanted my blog to be more of a diary, of things I wear, things I use and things I do rather than just a place full of reviews. 

You may have seen me asking for recommendations for places that do great workwear clothes and that's because my new job that I start in around 2 weeks is not a place of uniform. This excites me and scares me at the same time, what if I wear something that is totally not right? Well this is where my blog is coming in. It will be easier for me to blog daily with relevant things and fit blogging into my new working routine. 

Along with that, new office has a gym right there. No excuses. I will have an hour and a half to kill everyday before I have to pick Matt up from work so in my eyes even if I sit on a bike for this time, if I can't be bothered to do weights, then it's bound to be better for me? I'm going to start a little feature (how many times have you heard me say that!) where I post the workouts I've done at the end of my Friday posts - Dress down day woo! - so I can keep a track but also might help someone? Maybe!

So that's where I have been, nothing adventurous, apart from being bridesmaid, sometimes there is more to life that my little piece of the internet. 

Here's to a fresh start, which might take a couple of months for me to get used to.

New Beginnings...



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  1. I was a Bridesmaid for my best friend on Saturday, it is such an amazing day isn't it, I loved every second!
    I'm so excited to find out what your new job is haha! x