A Bank Holiday Catch Up...

Monday, 26 August 2013

No prizes for guessing who has a new camera. That's right ladies and gents Charli now has a dslr so I can pretend I'm all professional with my pictures. Ha I jest, but photos really do look better with this camera and not just for blogging. How I wish I had this camera when my hamster Louis was alive, that would have been awesome. But now I can get some amazing pictures of my animals which obviously will be treasured forever. I guess pictures of Matt and I too.
I'd always wanted one but Matt was never convinced until seeing how Leanne's pictures turned out from her camera and then he wanted one! I'm no pro but I'm enjoying googling how to use it to it's full potential.

I suppose a new job update is in order too. I've been there for two weeks already which has flown by. I'm enjoying it so much and it's so nice to use my brain again, even if it is exhausting me! The office is such a nice place to work too, great people and you may have seen my tweets about "Treat yourself Friday" - which was eating Nandos on massive beanbags at lunchtime. Perfect.

Animals are all fine too. Gusgus is sadly starting to show his age now, the tell tale signs are there which I recognise from how Louis and Marli looked as they got older. He doesn't bother trimming his claws down and looks like a little scruff bag now. Nothing is slowing him down physically though, he would still escape if I don't put something on top of his cage. Bertie is still my little (read: big) trouble maker with his love of being underneath our bed and digging things up. Even though our balcony is perfectly kitted out for him, I wish we had a garden. The other 6 hamsters on the other hand, well they are so frisky handling them is tough and not as enjoyable as handling a syrian hamster, BUT they are so cute they make up for it. I could watch them for hours. 

My £40 ASOS voucher giveaway ended Friday and I am about to pick a winner to announce at the end of this post, I have a feeling that with over 1700 entries I'm going to have a lot of checking to do to make sure all the criteria was followed. I hope that whoever wins has an awesome shopping spree :)

Hope you have had a lovely bank holiday weekend.



And the winner is.... well the first person that rafflecopter picked hadn't followed me on bloglovin'...drumroll again...same thing again this person hadn't done the entry properly! NEXT....5th time lucky eh? - The winner has actually turned out to be Leanne!! As in Leanne Marie aka my bessie mate hahaha, loving it. I haven't told her yet, waiting for her to read this post! 


  1. Awr so lovely that Leanne won your giveaway!
    Glad to hear the new job is going well, I did get quite jealous of your treat yourself Friday photo!
    I'm also very jealous of your new camera, I really want a 'big boy' camera. I tried to convince Spencer to get one out of our Wedding gift money, ready for when we have kids of course. He wasn't convinced. xx

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  2. Nando's on beanbags sounds like a perfect Friday at work!