Collection 2000 Bronzing Souffle...

Wednesday, 28 August 2013
Collection-2000-bronzing Souffle-blog-post-review

Collection-2000-bronzing Souffle-blog-post-review

Collection-2000-bronzing Souffle-blog-post-review

Collection-2000-bronzing Souffle-blog-post-review
Collection 2000 Bronzing Souffle - Katy's Cosmetics *

There seems to be a whole host of new ways to bronze up your face now-a-days. When I first started wearing makeup (I hate to say it but that is a good few years ago now) the only method I can remember was powder. I find powder fine to bronze with, it's pretty fool proof, but now there are creams, mousse, darker foundations and even BB bronzers.
The Collection 2000 Bronzing Souffle (yeah, it's a mousse) was my first experience of a bronzer of it's kind. My last experience with a mousse based makeup product was those mousse foundations that did the rounds years ago. Sadly my experience with both has ended up the same way - not successful.
The packaging is lovely, a nice sturdy pot that wouldn't open up and get everywhere in a bag... but that's pretty much where the good points end. As you can see from the first photo of my face the product just smudged my foundation and pushed it around my face. This was when I applied it with my finger, which is possibly the most satisfying thing to do - the bronzer is so..moussey? So then I thought I would try it with a stippling brush to see if that would apply it better, but sadly it didn't.
The second picture shows that the bronzer does contour nicely colour wise, but honestly just made my cheeks look like two streaky messes. I had high hopes for this being a really inexpensive bronzer and I am honestly gutted it didn't live up to expectation. Personally I think for a budget bronzer it may be best to stick to a powder form.


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  1. I still love mousse products, especially maybellines mouse blushes.. do they still do them? I still have them anyways and love them! I prefer the lighter "whipped" texture to cream blushers, just seems to agree with my skin better! But I've never seen a mousse bronzer, let alone tried one, and probably won't because I don't think I've ever worn bronzer!

    Lizzums x

  2. Such a shame it doesn't work, it's annoying when you have high hopes for a product and they just don't do it! xx

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door