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Wednesday, 21 August 2013
OSIS Dust It Powder - Escentual

Since having a good couple of inches cut of my hair it's been all about getting volume for me and I went out on the hunt for some products that would put the oomf back in my hair. The longer it gets the limper it looks but I don't want to cut it back short, it's taken too long to get my hair this long.

One of the products that a fair few people mentioned on twitter was the OSIS Dust It Powder. It's a texturising powder that you apply to your hair at the roots or in the lengths to add body and volume without backcombing. My favourite way of using this is at the roots of my hair and boy does this stuff make my hair go huge! I have been trying it in the ends of my hair but I don't like how it makes them feel. The OSIS Dust It Powder leaves a residue on the hair which builds up over time so I use my Boots Clarifying Shampoo at least once a week to get rid of it.

What's your favourite volumising hair product?



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  1. I love this stuff, always gives so much volume. It does feel a bit sticky and horrible though so I stick to using it on my roots too! xx