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Monday, 5 August 2013

Welcome to the contents of a makeup bag that goes with me wherever I go. When my anxiety started to get worse having a little bag of essentials on me really calmed me down. Along with the above a bottle of water and a carrier bag - odd I know. 
There is usually more "medicinal" things in my handbag rather than makeup, because I always forget to re apply during the day and I carry enough junk around with me without having 10 lipsticks. Recently my hayfever has been shocking, the pollen count has been stupidly high and I've even bought a new light therapy machine to try out. I look stupid with it on but if it works I don't care - reporting back soon. Prevalin has worked wonders for me this year, at £9.99 it's steep, if only they did it on prescription.
Makeup wise I have the Bourjous Healthy Balance powder*, a really old bodyshop lipbalm, a really old conealer and blushers from ELF (notice a theme of just chucking old makeup in my bag - I should really change that!) 
Other staples include a mirror, cotton buds (in that mint tin), hand gel, biofreeze, caudile and panadol. Not to mention my favourite £4 lidl special perfume.

What are you essentials for your handbag makeup bag?
Looks like I'm off to sort this one out and put some makeup in there that probably isn't going off.

I'm off to have my hair done this afternoon, ombre is being added to which will make it brighter!



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  1. I usually carry medicinal products too, I think I'd like to try the Bourjois powder, I loved their Healthy Mix foundation x
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