Friday, 2 August 2013

The Makeup Post... Dabbling in False Eyelashes for the first time...

Eyelure Naturalites Super Full // Boots Perfect Finish False Eyelashes

Stop Press, Hold the Phone, Get the records books out - I have purchased false eyelashes. Something I always said I wasn't interested in, didn't need and didn't want. Well curiosity got the better of me and I popped a couple of  packs into my basket. I bought the cheaper Boots own ones in a more natural style to try and wear t in preparation for wearing the Eyelure Naturalites Super Full for the Wedding !
I tried a few days before the wedding and failed big time although I think that is more to do with my bad hayfever giving me less patience than normal. It made me wonder if I would have the patience to apply them whilst nervously getting ready as bridesmaid and I wasn't.  I asked Leanne's sister to apply them for me. Apart from one reapplication half way through the day they lasted for ages and I really liked the look of them. My hayfever stayed away so I didn't have itchy eyes and if I'm honest I didn't know if I would find them too uncomfortable, but they were fine.
I really wanted my eyes to look awesome in photos, vain I know, so would love to hear any tips and tricks from false eyelash wearers out there for future uses?

Today is my last day in my current job, it's scary, exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time. Here is to new beginnings!



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  1. Enjoy your last day! I wear lashes sometimes- they are a bit weird at first but easy to get used to! :) x

  2. A massive good luck for your new job Charli and you looked beautiful on Leanne's wedding day!

  3. The eyelure are fab, and after a few practices they become easier.
    Good luck for your new job :)

  4. I love the Eyelure lashes, really good quality!


  5. False lashes scare me. I keep meaning to try them but always chicken out. I love the effect they give though! x



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