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Sunday, 18 August 2013


Clean 9 Detox - I bought it from Jess (link here)

It's come to that point where I need a kick start. I know there is no quick fix to sort things out weight wise so please don't get me wrong there. I have researched Clean 9 and looked into the benefits of the Aloe Vera Gel for IBS too and I'm hoping that it will ease my stomach problems too.

I'm currently on Day 2, so not that far in and will report back after the 9 days are up with my results and how I feel. The pack contains 3 litre bottles of Aloe Vera Gel which you have to down a few times a day as well as taking Garcincia Tablets and Bee Pollen. Along with that there is a shake you take once a day and mine is Chocolate Flavour.

I'm not going to lie, it's tough. The Aloe is disgusting but my stomach hasn't hurt at all since drinking it. I'm not hungry but I am missing food, leading me to realise that I eat for the sake of it? I'm a little light headed and sick of drinking water, but looking forward to eating a 600 calorie meal tomorrow. The shake is yummy and because you have it with milk it actually fills you up.

I hope you don't think I'm too crazy, but might as well try it!

Ohh and I have a new camera too - still getting used to the settings and my lens, but yes for nice photos! Oh and the new job is going amazing, we went white water rafting on Friday and it was epic. Especially as before hand we did a treasure hunt over the city and ended the day with cocktails.



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  1. my friend has done this and lost aLOT of weight however the lightheadedness and not being able to eat good old proper grub makes me a bit wary. Cant wait to hear your results and see if its worth the side effects xx