Top Five Pastel Nail Colours...

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Illamasqua - Purity // Topshop - World's End // Revlon Colourstay - Cafe Pink // Revlon -  Charming// Essie - Mint Candy Apple

One nail trend that I have always loved is pastels. I wear these colours all year around, I don't really change up my nail polishes according to what season we are in. These five are just the tip of the iceberg as to how many I have but I wanted to share my favourite pastel nail polishes with you.

Illamasqua Purity is one that I bought from a blog sale almost 2 years ago now and it's still going strong. This one is a little odd though, some days I love it so much and I never want it off my hands and others it really washes me out. I think when I'm tanned a little it looks better so this will be coming with me on holiday. 

I'm currently sporting Topshop's World's End and it's the reason why I wanted to write this post. One coat is all you need for a nice bright nail and it's lasting well. I was too tired to put a top coat over it two days ago but it's still going strong.

The two Revlon polishes are staples I've used up a fair bit of them. The gel like polish is supposed to last longer than normal ones, but with a good top coat I don't find any difference. I think my favourite ever nail polish colour is a pastel purple, I always seem to paint my nails this colour if I'm stuck with choosing a colour from my stupidly large collection.

Finally, Mint Candy Apple by Essie possibly one of the most well known pastel nail colours? I coveted this for so long and then picked one up on Fragrance Direct for £1.99. It's the old style brush so it's annoying to apply, but once you do you are rewarded with a lovely mint green nail. 

What are you favourite pastel nail colours?

Today I am going to have a spring clean, I'm going through changes in my working life and feel the need to have an overhaul with everything else. So the marigolds are coming out, well after I get out of bed right now, pulling everything out of each drawer - throwing/selling things I don't use (and by throwing I mean charity!). Hopefully that will make me feel more settled and refreshed. I also whacked a load of fake tan on last night and slept with Philip Kingsley Elasticizer all on my hair. My hair needs it because last week I re-ombred YEY! 




  1. Oh I adore the look of that Illamasqua polish, Charli! Looks like the perfect muted orange. (: I'm currently obsessed with Essie Fiji (quelle surprise!), such an amazing colour to use and pretend you have a tan! xx

  2. I love pastels, they looks really nice all placed together like that! Pretty colours! x

  3. I've been loving pastel nails lately, I especially love Models Own Banana Split. Essie mint candy apple looks gorgeous too! xx

  4. The IIllamasqua - Purity shade looks so pretty. A perfect summer colour.
    I adore pastel nail polish it always looks effortless and summery.