Monday, 16 September 2013

A Holiday Primark Haul...


PJs - £5 // White Daps - 3 // Black Hair Bands - £1 // Cosy Socks - £2

This post could actually be titled "a  Primark winter haul" as there is absolutely NO holiday clothes to be seen anymore on the high street. Ok, ok, so we are into September but my holiday is in two weeks and I needed to stock up on some clothes for it.

The few things that I did manage to get from Primark, which was supposed to be my go to place for cheap bikinis and the rest, are actually holiday essentials so I wasn't too annoyed. My usual bed time attire is long trousers, jumpers, dressing gown, slippers and yes I sleep in all of that. But I'm guessing in Mexico that it's going to be too hot for all of that, let alone the luggage allowance! So the first thing I picked up were some shorty PJs. These have chubba chubs on them because I didn't fancy wearing the christmas PJs that most of them were. Next up was a large pack of thin hair bands, perfect for keeping my fringe back on lazy beach days :). Added to the basket were a pair of cheap white daps because I don't fancy taking my converse.

The final purchase was a pair of cosy socks for the flight. Something that I didn't even consider. However after downloading Sarah's holiday check list pdf (which is bloomin' awesome btw) I realised that my feet would get freezing on the plane and rather than wear slippers i'd buy some funky socks. I am going to look so weird on this flight. Fluffy socks and a face mask on. Fit.



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  1. Lovely items - those socks look so cosy! I am tempted to get a pair! :)

  2. I adore Primark's cosy socks! Live in them!

  3. I needed holiday clothes recently too and left it way too late! There are still some places online with some like ASOS and Boohoo :)

    Love the warm snuggly socks & PJs in Primark though

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  4. everything looks lovely, great purchases!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin'



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