Beauty Blender...

Thursday, 19 September 2013


If you had said to me before I'd started blogging that I would go an spend £16 on a bit of sponge to dab makeup on my face when I have thousands (exaggeration) of makeup brushes that do just that job. My mind started to come around to the idea after first hearing Leanne say how good it was, then watching her do her wedding makeup with it. So finally one weekend whilst visiting her I sat there and ordered it (from beauty bay = free delivery). 

I haven't looked back either. Foundation brushes have been well and truly pushed aside in favour of the beauty blender that doubles in size when squeezed under running water. To make sure that I don't just dab a load of water on my face I squash it into a towel before I use it.

I pop the foundation, bb cream or primer on my hand first, then dab the sponge in. The rest is so simple you just blob it all over your face until you get the coverage you require whilst using the different edges of the sponge to make sure that you can take the foundation 

The finish is just perfect and I've tried it will a fair few foundations. It's very relaxing too, but using cold water helps wake me up in the morning. Using a cold sponge to put your makeup on is quite the wake up call. I was concerned that a damp sponge would make my foundation looks awful but it's the total opposite and I love it.

Have you used a beauty blender?



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  1. I love mine! Surprised I havent blogged about it yet really!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  2. I LOVEDDDD my beauty blender i got it a few years back in NY from sephora. THEN I got a kitten called Prince who decided that it was a toy and rolled it under my wardrobe where i couldnt reach it - it was covered in dust and hair and had to go in the bin :'(

    RIP Beauty Blender - You were my best friend!