Holiday Shopping...

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Cami Top - New Look // Printed Skirt - h&m

Whilst on my holiday shopping trip in which I found out that there are no summer clothes left on the high street I did find these two cheeky little numbers. I think these were the only things in the whole of Cardiff that weren't emerald green or plum. Autumn is well underway in terms of clothes shops and I am under no illusion that they have every right to be. But I did expect a good sale rail to dig through. But nope - nothing!!

The cami tops have been everywhere this year and I was not spending the money on the Topshop one so this £9.99 (less with student discount) New Look cami was the perfect alternative. I have also order some more in more colours so they will make an appearance soon. Prepare for this blog to be very holiday focused over the next few weeks. 

The skirt was something that I just fell in love with straight away. Mainly because I can wear it all year around and I love the pattern. It was £19.99 from h&m which is more than I wanted to spend but I was having a strop in town that I couldn't find anything I liked so - I bought it.

There was another vest top that I picked up in h&m but I didn't photograph it. It was only £3 in the sale, bought it in the biggest size they do so that it's like a see through vest for the beach.




  1. I love that skirt, money well spent I think as, like you said, it's an all-year-round piece! <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. I'm loving these camis too!

  3. you are so lucky to be escaping this rubbish weather! I can even remember the last time I wore a strappy top <3

  4. Cute outfit, it's a nitemare if you need holiday stuff now the season has changed grrr