Holiday Week... In flight skincare routine

Tuesday, 24 September 2013





I'm sure we've all seen the amazing youtube video from Lisa Eldridge about her In-flight Beauty Routine. If not - watch it here! Since watching this video ages ago I have been planning for the moment that I get to pack my own. Well ladies and gents the time has come and on Tuesday morning I will be jetting off on holiday, the first one in 7 years and the first long haul flight in 12 years- eek.

Naturally I have watched numerous in-flight routine and read so many holiday blog posts that I think I am well and truly prepared. I've packed it all into a clear plastic bag that I bought from ebay that came with loads of pots inside. (Link here!) The postage time was excellent and considering you would pay a fiver for just three clear bottle in supermarkets this is a bargain.

First up, let's get the boring things out of the way. The medicines. I will be taking panadol (my life saviour), gaviscon just in case, my pill, tissues and a clear plastic bag. Then the hygiene items - deodrant and hand gel. very important. 

Then we have the skin care items. My plan is to make this last as long as possible to keep my nerves at bay. First things first, I am not going on the plane with no makeup on. Putting on a little makeup first thing will help me relax much like before an exam and also wake me up for the 5am start. So naturally the first thing I am going to do when I get on the plane is take it all off again. I will probably wait until about 45mins into the flight hopefully when the nerves have gone and I can get on with things. First thing I am doing is spritzing my hair with the Caviar Spray, I've not used since getting it in the glossy box (ha ha) so putting it to use and seeing if it keeps my hair nice whilst on holidays.

Bioderma is the go to product next, whip off the face makeup (keeping the mascara on - a la Lisa!) making sure it's all off. Then a spritz of Caudile Beauty Elixr, I love the smell of this and have been saving the last of it for the holiday. Hopefully will refresh my skin, keep any travel sickness at bay and also provide a little pick me up. Then the infamous Origins Drink Up Mask and that is going to be slathered on my face - once my hair has been safely pinned back. I think I might just put a couple of little layers every hour on my face and if I need to go to the loo and I'm too oily I will just use the kleenex blotting tissues to dab off the excess. Whilst the mask is doing it's work I have a couple of samples of eye cream to use up and i'll use one sachet on the flight out then one on the way home.

Probably about an hour before we are due to land I will start putting my makeup back on again. Using bioderma I will take off the residue from the mask and apply a little moisturiser as a base. Then using the little sample pots that I have I will concoct a special mixture of foundation to suit how my skin is feeling and just apply this with fingers (I'm also taking a little pack of wipes!). Dabs of concealer to cover my dark circles form being up so early, just using an old favourite - the Collection 2000 one, although I'm hoping to get some sleep on the flight. I'm taking my Bourjois powder with a mirror in it because I'm guessing mexico will be hot when we land so I can just sweep some across my head so I don't get nice and shiny. A slick of my Revlon Kissable Balm stain and hopefully I will look half decent to go and collect my cases.

What are your inflight essentials? Have I missed anything? Any tips for long flights? (I have bought a wordsearch book and have things to read)




  1. Love this post! Given me lots of ideas. Think I'm going to head to the beauty counters to get the sample size foundations! I bought some mini bottles for £1 in a clear plastic case from Primark! xxx

  2. I would be too busy panicking and freaking out to do any of this I think hehe!

    Jennie xo |

  3. My tips - Sleep if you can - get the neck pillow things - but dont leave it on the plane like I did!
    Youu'll have inflight entertainment I'm guessing so just watch loads of films! The time will go so fast that way!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x