Holiday Week... The Makeup Bag

Sunday, 29 September 2013
Welcome to my last post before I head off to Mexico and I thought I'd finish off with a little insight into the make up that I'm taking with me - I'm not going makeup-less the whole time. It's only going to be makeup for night time, I'm going to go makeup free in the day, forcing myself really, panda eyes aren't a good look even though the mascara is waterproof.
Three little pots are coming with me containing my base products. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm to use with my Origins Drink Up Mask as the products that will hopefully keep my skin nice and moisturised. I'm taking my favourite foundation in two different colours - Bourjois Healthy Mix in 52 and 56 so I can mix them up and get my colours as the holiday goes on.
The collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer along with my Witch Skin Care concealer are coming along with me. Both cover well for spots and dark circles and are really reasonable in price if I lose them out there. There is a theme here and yes I am taking really cheap makeup away or things that I've almost used up. For bronzer it's the Bourjous Chocolate Bronzer which I have had for YEARS and it's almost gone, I will probably bin it after this holiday! The ELF highlighter is actually a favourite of mine (cheap too) so will be used to add some light to my face in the evenings.
I had to have a stern word with myself when I put my beauty blender in my makeup bag. There is no way I am taking a sponge that cost me £16 abroad. A rummage through my drawers later and I found this sponge (I think it's from h&m) and again I won't worry if I lose this in Mexico. Added to that is just one face brush for bronzer and highlight (notice the lack of blusher being taken ;)) and a couple of cheapy eye makeup brushes.
Just three eye products are coming with me, whilst I am debating taking the colour tattoos I own this is what's in the bag already. A really old neutral eyeshadow set from 17 - typing this now has made me think maybe I do need the colour tatoos as a base for these anyway...*runs to add them to the already overflowing suitcase*, a sample eyeliner from Estee Lauder and an old favourite Maybeline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara. 
This is the section where I had to really reign myself back and only take a few things with me. A red ELF lipstick (which is actually really good!) and three lip pencil/crayon things. Two from Revlon and one from Bourjous. I just think there are so easy to travel with and the Revlon ones are so long lasting. 

Hopefully I haven't gone and taken too much makeup, we shall see - I am so out of touch with this travel malarky! I have some wonderful bloggers who have written some amazing guest posts for me so I hope you enjoy them over the next two weeks and you'll see me, all my holiday posts and vlogs in a few weeks.


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