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Friday, 20 September 2013


Anyone who has ombre hair will know the pain of trying to keep the bleached parts of your hair nice and healthy. Especially when I regularly use a hair dryer, hair straighteners and curlers which really don't help with the whole keeping my hair healthy plan. I've been using this range for the past couple of weeks and I can honestly say I will be repurchasing these straight away.

The shampoo is obviously the first step, this lathers so much without having to use loads and it doesn't feel like a massive effort to use if that makes sense? I hate shampoos that you have to use loads of so this will last a really long time. I feel like this gives a really deep clean too which wasn't really a massive concern for me as I use a clarifying shampoo every weekend. 

The conditioner really is something else. I have never used such a brilliant conditioner that leaves my hair so soft and so easy to brush through without weighing it down. Like the shampoo this contains Inchi Oil which rescues the hair from damage and leave mine feeling like it did before I ever discovered bleach. 

The final step in this little trio is the hair oil. This is such a lightweight oil to what I am used to. But the effects are amazing, I don't have to rip knots out of my hair, another side effect of ombre hair. I can even brush my hair without using my tangle teaser, a normal hair brush works just as well and this hasn't happened for a while.  The website has actually been really useful, so if you are wondering such things as  how to oil dry hair then that is the place for you!

These are coming with me on holiday, I'm confident they will help my hair cope with the sun!



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