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Sunday, 1 September 2013



First off I apologise if you do not like meat, or the look of meat, but I do. Matt and I have really got into watching cooking shows at the moment. Masterchef UK and USA (USA is better!), Great British Bake Off and the Celebrity versions. This in turn has had a pretty awesome effect on Matt and he has recently been getting all sorts of creative in the kitchen. Along with adding spices to most of the food we eat, we 90% off the time use fresh meat and veg for our meals, he's been looking into other recipes too.

On a Sunday morning trip to Morrisons - side note since ours has been refurbished they have this water spray system over the fresh veg, it's so cool - he stated that he was cooking us a roast lamb dinner and needed to pick up garlic, rosemary and cherry tomatoes. At that point I was looking forward to dinner even more. YUM.

This is where I will let Matt tell you what he did with the meat. Here was his response "I chopped the garlic and the tomatoes put them in a roasting tin, put the meat ontop and added rosemary to it." There we go folks, thats my Chef Ramsey haha. He put it in the oven on a low heat for 3 hours and out came the most amazing tasting lamb. We had it with roasted potatoes and parsnip with a good ol' portion of carrots

So after that 3 paragraphs about a roast dinner, here's to what's happened this week. Not much is the answer, apart from working and the gym. I've been really really enjoying being back in a gym and it's routine now. I got everyday between half 4 and 6 (working days) and getting in pretty awesome work outs in that time. I start every single session with a 30min hill climb on the cross trainer but mix up the programmes so I don't get bored. This usually is the same time that Man V Food is on Dave haha - the irony!

How have your weeks been?



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  1. Looks so good!

    I wish my husband liked lamb, I'd love to cook it at home. Instead it's a treat when I go out.

  2. Well, this is awesome. And progress in the world of men. Dan can't cook a bloody thing, though his toast is pretty good s'pose. I really like your little bowl plate thingies, is that odd? I'm hungry now :(