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Thursday, 3 October 2013
As some of you may know from my tweets I'm currently holidaying in Mexico :). Some lovely peoples have offered to guest post for me!!
'Feminist' is a word that is all over the media recently, every chat-show, news show and it shows up at least two times every time I refresh my Twitter feed. It seems it literally hasn't been cooler to declare that you're a feminist. Feminism, to the outer person, comes across as aggressive and bitter, and formulated around having a mutual hatred for men. 
As far as I'm aware, feminism started out as a fight for equality, but in some areas it seems to have became a fight to reign supremely, and it seems that now it's kind of missing the point of being equal completely. Back in the early 90s, there was once a thing of girl power, when we all used to stick together, but now even that's thinning out with major thanks to woman's fashion magazines (heat, closer, reveal I'm looking at you, with your front page stories of who's added a bit of flab)
In my eyes it's now gone beyond the point of where we want to be respected by men, we almost want to BE men or completely vaporise them from our 'land'. I'm just struggling to understand how it's gone from a fight towards equal rights, to what its became today. With women grouping together to portray a hatred towards men, to me, it just seems crazy. 
I am all for equal rights, EQUAL, not in a world where woman reign above all and men run around like rats at our feet. I'm at a point now where I'm trying to break into the media industry - journalism, which is predominantly a male-dominated industry. It seems most high up male journalists don't respect young, female journalists (i'm writing this from experience) but what they don't realise is I'm an NCTJ trained, BA Hons 2:1 degree holder who's wrote for The Guardian. It seems they don't understand my head is filled with hair, make-up and lone behold it a brain.
There's so many women out there now, who are actually dominating, and showing us women in a perfect light; think Jameela Jamil, the cast of Bridesmaids, Girls, Grace Coddington and Miranda Hart - all these woman, and films, illustrate how funny, raw, flawed and fierce woman are, they all hold the flag high for girlfriends.
So it is, yes, at times like these I hold my hands up and say I'm a feminist. Women need to realise how special we really are, female magazines need to stop critiquing other women for having cellulite or gaining a few pounds, we all have bloody cellulite and the only damn thing I plan on doing this winter is gaining a few pounds.
So here I am, brains, cellulite and probably a few pounds heavier than I was at the start of summer - holding my hands up and saying - I'm a feminist.

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  1. I so agree with you, Aimee.
    I hate the fact that it seems to be impossible to even say the word without it becoming a sort of "who's the best feminist" competition.

  2. *holds hand up* I'm a feminist!