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Tuesday, 15 October 2013
As some of you may know from my tweets I'm currently holidaying in Mexico :). Some lovely peoples have offered to guest post for me!!


A snuggly book review today! Now the weathers got a lot colder, I’m starting to crave sitting down with a hot chocolate and a good book, nothing can beat it, not even reading blogs! So when Charli asked for guest posts, I knew I wanted to do something different to the normal beauty related posts I do.
Tasmina Perry is one of my favourite authors. She writes a real range of amazing books, not your typical ‘Chick Lit’, lots of mystery and drama all wrapped up in one story. Perfect Strangers follows Sophie Ellis as her life is changed dramatically after everything comes crashing down around her. As she starts to put her life back together, she becomes entangled in a murder case, races across several countries and battles the Mafia, with only the help of someone who is a perfect stranger. The plot is very fast moving, with excitement and danger in every chapter. I read this on holiday back in the summer and simply couldn’t stop reading! It was so hard to not skip to the end but I didn’t. The ending is a tad predictable, however there is a twist which I didn’t see coming! I would highly recommend this, especially if you’ve read her other books!
The Naughty Girls Book Club was something that caught my eye because of the title. After the success of Fifty Shades of Grey there has been an explosion of ‘sexy’ books. This is an awesome concept, Estelle the owner of The Crumb Café starts a book club to increase business and into her life step 4 of the most polar opposite people ever. Over a year they develop a ‘unique’ twist to their book club and their lives are changed forever. It’s very typical ‘Chick Lit’ but I loved it! So easy to read, it flowed easily and I could happily relate to something in all the characters, Sophie Hart is going to be one to watch.

So there are my picks for some great current reads. For less than £15 you can get hours of escapism, especially now the weather has got cooler. What books have you’ve loved recently? Let me know over at

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