Witch Skin Care - Now for MEN!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Well this was a lovely surprise in the post a couple of weeks ago - Witch Skin Care for Men *. Picture the scene, its 7am and I am super excited because a parcel is delivered and I hadn't ordered anything. To which I open the parcel and declare that it was actually for Matthew! 
Witch have released a whole range for men and it's in a lovely navy packaging. It's labelled step by step too - so there can be no excuses from that man in your life. 
I love using the Witch range myself and and soon as Matt has had a good couple of weeks use from them I will report back!

Have you managed to get your guy to have a skin care routine?



Holga Phone Case Review...

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Whilst away on my holidays in Mexico I took my Holga Lens & Filter* phone case with me. There are ten different lenses on a rotating attachment on the top of the case which can give so much fun when taking a photo.  Now I had a bit of a technical melt down a few weeks ago which frustratingly meant that my laptop has died and I have no way to get the photos that I took using the lens on here. You can however go to my instagram page (link below) and scroll down to the some that I took in Mexico and managed to upload. If I can get the other photos somehow I will add them to this post but in the mean time I will go out and take some photos this weekend :).

The cover doesn't actually feel that odd to have on your phone, but I would prefer something a little prettier to look at and a slicker design. The coloured lenses of yellow,blue,green and red are really nice and I had lots of fun with those. The split lenses made for some interesting self portraits of my face times 2,3 and 4. There is a red lens with a clear heart in the middle which is a good idea but it's just not clear enough for my liking. One circle has no lens in so you can take normal photos but this leaves a dark edge around any photo you take which bugged me a little bit. 

However there is a lens on this cover that makes the whole thing worth the money. There is a macro lens. Being a blogger I love taking photos with the details close up and crisp. Whether to show of a nail colour, lip colour or anything an up close clear version is always nicer. 

What do you think to the Holga Lens Case?


Celebrity Slim Review...

Tuesday, 19 November 2013








Celebrity Slim Starter Pack c/o Lloyds Pharmacy

The last four weeks I have been left with this horrible sluggish feeling of being bloated and basically just feeling fat. The results of being completely over indulgent on holiday and having to stick to the most basic food (read as chips) because I was really ill after eating the salad. So I have been trialling the Celebrity Slim Start Pack and Cranberry Yoghurt Bars over the past 7 days. 

The starter pack contains a hefty amount of shakes (enough for 2 a day), a guide, food diary, two sachets of soup and a shaker that has a nifty compartment on the bottom so you can take your shakes to work. I liked the additions of a food diary, it does keep you motivated just be careful you don't get too obsessed with weighing yourself like I did. For just over £30 this pack contains loads and if it's going to count as most of your food intake for a week - that's a pretty good deal. With the Celebrity Slim programme there are loads of allowable snack foods, so you do eat! They suggest eating 5-6 times a day as opposed to the 3 we are all used to. I tended to snack on fruit, vegetables and lean meat. 

The Cranberry Yoghurt bars are a pack of 5 and you can have either one for a meal or half of one for a snack. Designed to digest slower, they do make you feel full but I just wasn't a fan. I preferred to snack
 on things like fruit, veg and meat. But I'll explain more about that later. They are pretty expensive at £4.99 for just 5 bars, but if you split them into half bars they will last longer. 

The shaker is brilliant, the compartment at the bottom was handy to put the shake powder in and take it to work discretely without people knowing that you are drinking a diet shake and asking too many questions. Plus it's really sturdy - there was no leaking no matter how hard I shook it and the mixer ball means the shakes are fully mixed after 20 seconds at most.  

The first day was fine, I had the cafe latte flavoured one for breakfast which tasted just like coffee flavoured milk. I really liked this flavour for breakfast and it did fill me up. By mid morning I was getting a little peckish so I had an apple which was fine. Lunchtime wasn't the best on the Saturday, I tried the banana shake and before I'd even opened the sachet. I really don't like banana flavoured anything but this tasted really artificial so I pretty much just downed it. I then had homemade cauliflower rice and chicken for tea.

Sunday I woke up starving but I powered through and this time tried the strawberry shake for breakfast. The same thing happened with the banana shake, I hated it, tasted too "fake" but then I don't like that type of flavour so it's probably just me! Fruit for my snack at mid day with the chocolate shake for lunch. The chocolate shake was amazing, pretty much like a chocolate milkshake. Then the dinner of choice on Sunday was a roast dinner without the potatoes. Tough but I still had my roast dinner :)

Being in work is where I really struggled. I found it hard to concentrate after just drinking a shake for breakfast and lunch with fruit and slices of meat to sustain me in between. I go to the gym after work most days and I just couldn't get the energy I needed to go so I ended up skipping sessions. Along with this the shakes seemed to set of my ibs and without going into too much detail it flared up. I didn't want to stop because I needed this kick start and I was enjoying the planning of meals. That's the one main thing I got out of this, was that I eat far too easily out of boredom. 

The modification that worked for me was eating my evening meal at lunchtime (this is allowed anyway) but also pretty much eating a meal after being at the gym. So I'd come home from work have a shake straight after the gym and then a small evening meal. Which I guess is essentially another snack.

The shakes that really stood out flavour wise were basically the ones that weren't fruit flavoured. The caramel, vanilla, chocolate and latte ones were genuinely yummy and i'd happily drink them over and over. I think they filled me up more because they satisfied my taste buds. All the shakes surprised me with how thick they were, considering all you add is water they taste like you have added full fat milk which is amazing. 

Overall my results are 4lb down. I don't want to say my actual weight because to be honest it's something that I am pretty embarrassed about at the moment. I do think this could have been higher if I had had the energy to gym it harder and not miss sessions. If my ibs hadn't flared up then I think my stomach measurements would have been a larger loss than just the 1.5cm. But still in a week that's impressive. 

I couldn't carry this on for the amount of weeks suggested in the pack, 8. I miss eating food too much, it's too hard when you live with someone eating a full meal and you're there trying to be fully satisfied with a shake. A week was enough for me because there was a clear end date in sight. The headaches weren't really an issue for me, although they are completely normal! I just took my usual pain killers and off they popped. 

Personally I think this is perfect if you don't do much exercise and really need to push the reset button on your eating habits. It's one of the cheaper products like this on the market and so easily accessible at Lloyds Pharmacy. 

Would you try Celebrity Slim?


MUA Cosmetics Haul...

Monday, 18 November 2013



MUA Luxe Glitter Eyeshadows // MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter // MUA Powerbrow - Blonde // MUA Brushes F2 & E3 // Fashionista MAXI Mascara // Fashionista 2 Step Mascara // Fashionista Double Take Lipstick // Fashionista Maxi - Moisture 

This is a rather frustrated MUA haul because the items that were behind the reason for the haul went out of stock after I had placed my order. I wanted all the LUXE lip gloss things, but my ordered arrived and they had been crossed off my order form with no note to say whether this had been refunded or not. It was only when I looked at my account that I saw in very small letters the words "refund". But this could be a whole new blog post so I will just chat/type about what actually did arrive. 

I always wanted the Undress Your Skin Highlighter but had never managed to find it in stock in any store. The same can be said for the brushes. I'm giving my brushes a bit of an overhaul at the moment so I picked up these two, another stippling brush as I have a new found love of cream blusher and a fluffy blending eyeshadow brush. The wild card of the bunch is this glitter palette which I can't wait to try and hope that it looks good!

Another part of the haul was from Fashionista. I must have been living under a rock not to know that MUA had bought them but all the products are on sale - so all these were only £1.50 each! The two lipsticks were just "wild card" ones because I fancied some pinks, not that I needed them at all. The one thing that I will need in a couple of weeks is a new mascara so I picked up these two to give them a go!

Have you used any of these? Are they any good?


Christmas Party Outfit Shopping with John Lewis...

Sunday, 17 November 2013





john-lewis-vip-shopping john-lewis-vip-shopping john-lewis-vip-shopping

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to take part in a little challenge set by John Lewis to create an outfit for a Christmas Party with a budget of £250. I went along with Laura (who had a budget of £500!) and we both raided John Lewis whilst being spoilt to afternoon tea in the VIP changing rooms. I also bought my mum along for the fun :)

With only a £250 budget in John Lewis I struggled to find much that fitted my budget. In the end I went for this amazing bright orange dress, something to really go against the usual trends of sparkles and sequins, but something that is also so far from my comfort zone of blazer, shirt and jeans! 

Next up was shoes and I have to be honest I looked like bambi on ice trying to walk in these. As beautiful as they are - I just couldn't see how anyone can walk in them!  To complete the look I wore this clutch bag which I have to be honest was the only one that fitted the budget, and that's only because there was an offer on in the whole store that day!

For one thing, I sure as hell can't pose! But I did enjoy messing around and trying on the big hats in the room.

What do you think of the outfit I chose?
Click here to go and see the sparkly outfit Laura chose!



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How I got rid of my peeling scalp...

Friday, 15 November 2013


Quite possibly the most disgusting pictures I have ever shared on my blog? I think so. But this is the reality of what I was faced with when I came back from Mexico last month. Whilst I was out there I did burn my scalp, I'll hold my hands up and say I didn't wear a hat one day and this was the results. Although, I also think that the sea salt, chlorine and everything else dried my scalp out to a point that it was dry, itchy and kinda painful the whole time. There also was a couple of times where I felt something in my hair, panicked and though it was a bug in my scalp but turned out just to be a build up of dry skin - LUSH. 

Anywho, as always I took to twitter to ask what I could do and the resounding response was to rub Coconut Oil into my scalp. I already had this pot from Superdrug and from what I remember it was really cheap and once upon a time I had tried to use it as an alternative to Moroccan oil. I also grabbed my denman backcombing brush because it has the pointed handle which meant I could separate my hair easily. I started off just applying it to the top on my head, taking small lines of hair and rubbing the oil in at the scalp before moving onto the next section. However this soon turned into "let's cover my whole head and hair and treat it as a hair mask". I then waited for around an hour before getting into the tub.

Another tip that was suggested was to use an anti fungal shampoo, which strangely enough I also had from when the doctor thought that my Keratosis Pilaris could be treated with a shampoo - it can't. It's called Nizoral and you can get it from pretty much any pharmacy. I washed my hair a couple of times with this and then left it to dry naturally.

That was all that it took to rid my scalp of these big ugly flakes of skin and I am so glad. It's worth noting though, a lot of coconut oil can leave your hair really greasy and I did have to wash it the next morning before I went to work, but it was so worth it.

If you have a really dry scalp I suggest picking up some coconut oil - it might help


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An Autumn Wishlist...

Thursday, 14 November 2013
There is no denying it, the weather is FREEZING. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration but it's got me online looking for some winter coats and boots. I absolutely love the winter weather though, I can't moan. I love wearing jumpers, I love my UGGs (even though they are a little tatty now), scarves, gloves and not to mention bobble hats - I LOVE THEM. My only annoyance with them - I wish they didn't mess my hair up ;).

Very-coat Very-coat
There can be no Autumn wishlist without coats. The coat I currently wear religiously at the moment is one that cost me 50p from a charity shop near where I live. It's a grey wool coat, so I admit it's a massive bargain I had there. Both of the coats above would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe. I am really craving a navy coat at the moment and this one hasn't helped. I love the double breasted buttons too. Another obsession of mine that I seem to be seeing everywhere is the oversized blazer coat. To be honest I would probably take the fur off the grey one and wear it with my tartan scarf that I bought recently from Primark! 
very-ugg-boot very-ugg-boot

Ah, the UGGs. There is that age old debate whether people love them or hate them. Personally I love them and I have worn my chesnut ones so much since buying them. The only way I could afford mine was because I applied my student discount to the purchase which got me 20% off. This was the time when UGGs weren't at the ridiculous prices they are not. But places do the whole pay on credit thing like Littlewoods range of women's boots where you can pay over a series of weeks/months. I usually have the mantra where I won't buy anything unless I can afford it BUT I think things like this actually help your credit rating? Or have I made that up? Obviously if you don't miss payments it helps!  Another trend of boots that I have fallen in love with from seeing people everywhere wearing them is the riding boot like these brown ones which I'd want to wear with some skinny jeans and a simple white jumper. Now to just make my calves smaller so they'd actually fit into boots like this!

What's on your winter wishlist?


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Birchbox - October...

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Here it is, the age old dilemma of "do I subscribe to a beauty box or not"? You see, I was subscribed to glossy box and ended up cancelling after the first box because - well I needed that £10 a month. Then the price went up and I was glad that I cancelled, whilst as the same time being oober jealous of everyone else getting little samples in the post each month. But then, others came along and I tried a few but never really was wowed by anything.

Then one day at a Cardiff Blogger Meet there was a Birchbox in the goody bag and a little spark of interest was lit. Then Leanne posted a picture on her blog's facebook page showing the contents of October's box which got me hunting down whether if I started my subscription that day would I get the same box. Turns out it was, so one lunchtime whilst snuggled on the office bean bags (yes we have office bean bags) I subscribed to Birchbox.

This box I am pretty chuffed with, I wanted to try the nipple balm for ages and the KMS dry shampoo is from a brand that I used whilst staying at Leanne's flat and loved so wanted to see what else the brand had to offer. The Laura Mercier primer I think EVERYONE wants to try and is probably the one product everyone is pleased to see. The stain by theBalm, well who isn't up for trying a new lip colour? The Dr Bandit microdermabrasion sample will also be nice to scrub up on one of my weekend pampers! We are also looking for a really good whitening toothpaste so will add this one to the list we are trying.

And to top it all off there were large samples of egyptian magic cream which I'm hoping will help soften up the dry skin I have since coming back from Mexico.

Are you subscribed to any beauty boxes?


Primark Haul...

Monday, 11 November 2013




One day last week I had a meeting that ended my day in the center of town. It's been a long time since town was a daily occurrence as now I work just outside the city center. Back in those days primark was almost a daily lunchtime ritual, along with Superdrug. Now I have "limited" access to these everytime I go into town I make a mental note to "pop" in.

Of course you never can just "pop" into Primark. There is far too much temptation and after seeing a couple of these things on blogs over the last few weeks there was no way I was leaving empty handed. As soon as I walked in I spotted the ridiculously soft and furry jumpers. I picked mine up in a pale pink (who said pastels are just for summer) because it's probably the one colour that I don't have a jumper in. Super soft and only £10 I clung onto the jumper the whole way around the shop. Especially as the only one they had in my size was hidden among the Christmas Jumpers. Side note: The stock of the Christmas Jumpers they have now is severely disappointing, clearly I should have bought mine in October. 

On our way up to the accessories I spied the disney t-shirts which made the 5 year old me (ok, and the 23 year old me) squeal with delight. The Little Mermaid is one of my favourite films and I still know all the words to Part of that World (cool kid me!) so having a t-shirt is just awesome. It's a size 10, but to be honest they are HUGE, I would size down if your Primark stocks more than just one size. Best part - it's £6.

Finally, my favourite. Scarves and hats. I have wanted a tartan *something* since forever. I just wasn't sure what, I think for me an item of clothing in tartan would be too hard to style. Pretty much because I have no style. I haven't taken this scarf off really, worn it with anything and everything. For a fiver I would pick it up again in more colours.

Hats, ahh the hat season is here. They hide roots, bad hair days and those days where you can't be bothered to wash your greasy roots - I love "em. The ones I have are now abit out of shape after being worn for two/three years so a staple grey beanie and navy bobble hate came home with me, £2 each. Perfect.

Have you been to Primark lately? What essential did I miss?


Sunday Snapshot... Bathtime Pamper

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Picture the scene, its Sunday night I'm sat blogging by the light of our aquarium, matts at the WWE (and I'm super jealous), Bertie is at my feet because he's scared of fireworks and I'm all snuggled under a blanket whilst watching the first episode of the Big Bang Theory. It's safe to say that I am pretty relaxed right now and it's all down to my Sunday Pamper session.

I always make time on a Sunday night to fully recharge the batteries and soak in the bath for at least half an hour. Tonight's bubble bath of choice was the Comforter from Lush. This is pretty much a staple in my bathroom and I get about 5/6 baths out of the one bar. Massive bubbles and silky smooth skin when I get out - it's definitely a favourite. Another Lush product of choice is the Aqua Mirabilis bar which does a lovely job of exfoliating my upper arms but also moisturising them at the same time. 

To wash with (and shave my legs with) I use this massive tub of Soap & Glory Clean On Me shower gel. These last forever, smell great and are on a 3for2 at the moment in boots - why haven't you got one?! I think they are much better value for money than the cheap own brand ones purely because of the time it lasts. 

Fast forward 45mins and it's time to get out of the bath where pretty much I just smother myself in bio oil. It's really helped my tan last as it's so moisturising. I buy the big bottle when on offer in Lloyds Pharmacy or online because I could go through this stuff super quickly. I ration the whole body application to once a week and maybe twice a week I'll slather it all over my face to keep things smooth.

Finally, a weird one. I sprayed some Biofreeze on my back. I had a sports massage on Friday and I'm still a little sore. I have always suffered with back problems and this helps me get through even the worst of pain days. It smells very menthol-y but I like that and it's not too strong so I spray this in work sometimes. I also have a massive pump next to my bed if I need to rub it in my neck/shoulders whilst I'm at home. If you suffer with back problems I really recommend this!

What's in your Sunday Pamper Session?



Sunday, 3 November 2013

First off, things are looking a little different around here. This evening I html'd away (and with the help of Leanne) my new blog layout is born. I'm actually pretty chuffed with myself, considering I was about to go and buy one. I'd really recommend trying to do layouts yourself with google, it's acutally really rewarding - hope you like it.

Now this blog post doesn't signal the moment that I have obtained a new laptop, I have actually taken my work laptop home (to complete an excel course) and put aside a couple of hours this evening to blog. I failed at the first hurdle because my camera won't register on this laptop to get my photos on and who knew MacBook's don't have SD card readers?! Pah get me to windows.

I couldn't put up a blog post without a photo so I thought what better to cheer me up than looking at the beautiful view I had for two weeks in October. Of course this now seems like a lifetime away with the daylight disappearing at 4pm (whut!) so maybe this wasn't a great photo to choose?

Annoyingly now that I have a new layout, look and I've started to learn how to use my camera to it's full (read: probably not even a quarter of what it can do) ability I have this massive urge to blog. It's like I've fallen in love with it all over again, I have a notebook full of posts that I want to write and products to review! Hopefully over the next week I can overcome all this (new laptop plz) and actually have something of substance here.

Here's to times of change around Charli...,