An Autumn Wishlist...

Thursday, 14 November 2013
There is no denying it, the weather is FREEZING. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration but it's got me online looking for some winter coats and boots. I absolutely love the winter weather though, I can't moan. I love wearing jumpers, I love my UGGs (even though they are a little tatty now), scarves, gloves and not to mention bobble hats - I LOVE THEM. My only annoyance with them - I wish they didn't mess my hair up ;).

Very-coat Very-coat
There can be no Autumn wishlist without coats. The coat I currently wear religiously at the moment is one that cost me 50p from a charity shop near where I live. It's a grey wool coat, so I admit it's a massive bargain I had there. Both of the coats above would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe. I am really craving a navy coat at the moment and this one hasn't helped. I love the double breasted buttons too. Another obsession of mine that I seem to be seeing everywhere is the oversized blazer coat. To be honest I would probably take the fur off the grey one and wear it with my tartan scarf that I bought recently from Primark! 
very-ugg-boot very-ugg-boot

Ah, the UGGs. There is that age old debate whether people love them or hate them. Personally I love them and I have worn my chesnut ones so much since buying them. The only way I could afford mine was because I applied my student discount to the purchase which got me 20% off. This was the time when UGGs weren't at the ridiculous prices they are not. But places do the whole pay on credit thing like Littlewoods range of women's boots where you can pay over a series of weeks/months. I usually have the mantra where I won't buy anything unless I can afford it BUT I think things like this actually help your credit rating? Or have I made that up? Obviously if you don't miss payments it helps!  Another trend of boots that I have fallen in love with from seeing people everywhere wearing them is the riding boot like these brown ones which I'd want to wear with some skinny jeans and a simple white jumper. Now to just make my calves smaller so they'd actually fit into boots like this!

What's on your winter wishlist?


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  1. I love the navy coat, it's so cute!

    Jennie xo |

  2. The brown boots are so lovely!

    Asmaa x

  3. That navy coat is to die for :) I'm currently lusting after a pink coat and some black, chunky, ankle boots..which I can't afford!