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Celebrity Slim Starter Pack c/o Lloyds Pharmacy

The last four weeks I have been left with this horrible sluggish feeling of being bloated and basically just feeling fat. The results of being completely over indulgent on holiday and having to stick to the most basic food (read as chips) because I was really ill after eating the salad. So I have been trialling the Celebrity Slim Start Pack and Cranberry Yoghurt Bars over the past 7 days. 

The starter pack contains a hefty amount of shakes (enough for 2 a day), a guide, food diary, two sachets of soup and a shaker that has a nifty compartment on the bottom so you can take your shakes to work. I liked the additions of a food diary, it does keep you motivated just be careful you don't get too obsessed with weighing yourself like I did. For just over £30 this pack contains loads and if it's going to count as most of your food intake for a week - that's a pretty good deal. With the Celebrity Slim programme there are loads of allowable snack foods, so you do eat! They suggest eating 5-6 times a day as opposed to the 3 we are all used to. I tended to snack on fruit, vegetables and lean meat. 

The Cranberry Yoghurt bars are a pack of 5 and you can have either one for a meal or half of one for a snack. Designed to digest slower, they do make you feel full but I just wasn't a fan. I preferred to snack
 on things like fruit, veg and meat. But I'll explain more about that later. They are pretty expensive at £4.99 for just 5 bars, but if you split them into half bars they will last longer. 

The shaker is brilliant, the compartment at the bottom was handy to put the shake powder in and take it to work discretely without people knowing that you are drinking a diet shake and asking too many questions. Plus it's really sturdy - there was no leaking no matter how hard I shook it and the mixer ball means the shakes are fully mixed after 20 seconds at most.  

The first day was fine, I had the cafe latte flavoured one for breakfast which tasted just like coffee flavoured milk. I really liked this flavour for breakfast and it did fill me up. By mid morning I was getting a little peckish so I had an apple which was fine. Lunchtime wasn't the best on the Saturday, I tried the banana shake and before I'd even opened the sachet. I really don't like banana flavoured anything but this tasted really artificial so I pretty much just downed it. I then had homemade cauliflower rice and chicken for tea.

Sunday I woke up starving but I powered through and this time tried the strawberry shake for breakfast. The same thing happened with the banana shake, I hated it, tasted too "fake" but then I don't like that type of flavour so it's probably just me! Fruit for my snack at mid day with the chocolate shake for lunch. The chocolate shake was amazing, pretty much like a chocolate milkshake. Then the dinner of choice on Sunday was a roast dinner without the potatoes. Tough but I still had my roast dinner :)

Being in work is where I really struggled. I found it hard to concentrate after just drinking a shake for breakfast and lunch with fruit and slices of meat to sustain me in between. I go to the gym after work most days and I just couldn't get the energy I needed to go so I ended up skipping sessions. Along with this the shakes seemed to set of my ibs and without going into too much detail it flared up. I didn't want to stop because I needed this kick start and I was enjoying the planning of meals. That's the one main thing I got out of this, was that I eat far too easily out of boredom. 

The modification that worked for me was eating my evening meal at lunchtime (this is allowed anyway) but also pretty much eating a meal after being at the gym. So I'd come home from work have a shake straight after the gym and then a small evening meal. Which I guess is essentially another snack.

The shakes that really stood out flavour wise were basically the ones that weren't fruit flavoured. The caramel, vanilla, chocolate and latte ones were genuinely yummy and i'd happily drink them over and over. I think they filled me up more because they satisfied my taste buds. All the shakes surprised me with how thick they were, considering all you add is water they taste like you have added full fat milk which is amazing. 

Overall my results are 4lb down. I don't want to say my actual weight because to be honest it's something that I am pretty embarrassed about at the moment. I do think this could have been higher if I had had the energy to gym it harder and not miss sessions. If my ibs hadn't flared up then I think my stomach measurements would have been a larger loss than just the 1.5cm. But still in a week that's impressive. 

I couldn't carry this on for the amount of weeks suggested in the pack, 8. I miss eating food too much, it's too hard when you live with someone eating a full meal and you're there trying to be fully satisfied with a shake. A week was enough for me because there was a clear end date in sight. The headaches weren't really an issue for me, although they are completely normal! I just took my usual pain killers and off they popped. 

Personally I think this is perfect if you don't do much exercise and really need to push the reset button on your eating habits. It's one of the cheaper products like this on the market and so easily accessible at Lloyds Pharmacy. 

Would you try Celebrity Slim?


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