Holga Phone Case Review...

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Whilst away on my holidays in Mexico I took my Holga Lens & Filter* phone case with me. There are ten different lenses on a rotating attachment on the top of the case which can give so much fun when taking a photo.  Now I had a bit of a technical melt down a few weeks ago which frustratingly meant that my laptop has died and I have no way to get the photos that I took using the lens on here. You can however go to my instagram page (link below) and scroll down to the some that I took in Mexico and managed to upload. If I can get the other photos somehow I will add them to this post but in the mean time I will go out and take some photos this weekend :).

The cover doesn't actually feel that odd to have on your phone, but I would prefer something a little prettier to look at and a slicker design. The coloured lenses of yellow,blue,green and red are really nice and I had lots of fun with those. The split lenses made for some interesting self portraits of my face times 2,3 and 4. There is a red lens with a clear heart in the middle which is a good idea but it's just not clear enough for my liking. One circle has no lens in so you can take normal photos but this leaves a dark edge around any photo you take which bugged me a little bit. 

However there is a lens on this cover that makes the whole thing worth the money. There is a macro lens. Being a blogger I love taking photos with the details close up and crisp. Whether to show of a nail colour, lip colour or anything an up close clear version is always nicer. 

What do you think to the Holga Lens Case?