How I got rid of my peeling scalp...

Friday, 15 November 2013


Quite possibly the most disgusting pictures I have ever shared on my blog? I think so. But this is the reality of what I was faced with when I came back from Mexico last month. Whilst I was out there I did burn my scalp, I'll hold my hands up and say I didn't wear a hat one day and this was the results. Although, I also think that the sea salt, chlorine and everything else dried my scalp out to a point that it was dry, itchy and kinda painful the whole time. There also was a couple of times where I felt something in my hair, panicked and though it was a bug in my scalp but turned out just to be a build up of dry skin - LUSH. 

Anywho, as always I took to twitter to ask what I could do and the resounding response was to rub Coconut Oil into my scalp. I already had this pot from Superdrug and from what I remember it was really cheap and once upon a time I had tried to use it as an alternative to Moroccan oil. I also grabbed my denman backcombing brush because it has the pointed handle which meant I could separate my hair easily. I started off just applying it to the top on my head, taking small lines of hair and rubbing the oil in at the scalp before moving onto the next section. However this soon turned into "let's cover my whole head and hair and treat it as a hair mask". I then waited for around an hour before getting into the tub.

Another tip that was suggested was to use an anti fungal shampoo, which strangely enough I also had from when the doctor thought that my Keratosis Pilaris could be treated with a shampoo - it can't. It's called Nizoral and you can get it from pretty much any pharmacy. I washed my hair a couple of times with this and then left it to dry naturally.

That was all that it took to rid my scalp of these big ugly flakes of skin and I am so glad. It's worth noting though, a lot of coconut oil can leave your hair really greasy and I did have to wash it the next morning before I went to work, but it was so worth it.

If you have a really dry scalp I suggest picking up some coconut oil - it might help


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  1. Growing up on the French Riviera, i have had my fair share of burnt scalp, but Aloe-infused dandruff shampoo usually managed to get rid of any peeling scalp. Will try this next time it happens to me though!

    - Elodie x

  2. I've heard so many good things about Coconut Oil, I need to try it!

  3. Burnt scalp is the worst. The best thing to do is wear your hair on a bun on top of your head, you won't even get burnt in the first place because you don't have a parting! Connor is suffering from a scabby/bleeding scalp at the moment and he has used that Nizoral shampoo and thinks highly of it. I will suggest this to him too just to keep it at bay x

  4. Man burning the scalp must be horrible! This was a very open & helpful post though. Good job. I just came across your blog & happy that I did!

    x leah symonne x