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Monday, 6 January 2014






Sneakily putting the heating on for the hour of my bath time is something I do all the time. Especially in winter (and spring, summer and autumn) I throw my pjs (read: onsie) onto the radiator, put my snuggliest dressing gown on top and kick my slippers off underneath. Snuggly, radiator warm clothes are the bee's knees after a bath.

This weekend I took probably about two hours out of my Sunday to really have some "me" time, something I have realised that I need to do more often and most certainly on a nightly basis to get a good skincare routine in place. You see, my skin has been suffering from my laziness ad general well-being of late and I'm getting spots. Spots are never something I have suffered from before, only the once a month monster on my chin. 

Before going anywhere near the bathroom I needed to whip off the old nail polish that was so badly chipped it looked awful. I don't have a favourite nail polish remover I usually just pick up what ever is on offer. My nail beds were so dry that I popped a little cuticle oil on too.

Whilst the bath was running I double cleansed with the Liz Early Hot Cloth Cleanser. Getting all the left over makeup, mascara and general crap off my face. I then put on the first face mask, Avon - Clear Skin Black Mineral Clay Mask. Top tip - I use a hair removal cream spatula to put on face masks, much less messier than applying with fingers or a brush. This mask from Avon went all over my spotty area, mostly my chin and fore head. I then applied the rejuvenating mask over the rest of my face. 

Whilst that little combination worked it's magic I laid back in the bath and watched some BBC iplayer - one of my favourite things to do is watch random things whilst in the bath. I was never one for reading in the bath, my hands get too cold our of the water. I washed my hair in some purple shampoo, more on that another time and used the combination of LUSH Ocean Salt and Aqua Mirablis to give my skin a good exfoliation, another thing that I have neglected as of late. Oh and shaved me legs ;). By the time I'd done all that it was time to remove the face masks.

Before putting my amazingly warm onsie back on, I applied a little oil to my hair and wrapped it in a turban towel, rubbed a lot of bio oil into my horrendously dehydrated skin, applied some origins super spot remover and plucked my stupidly overgrown eyebrows. 

Heated night wear on I headed back to my bedroom and put on some youtube videos before settling down to do my nails. The combo came in the form of the Boutique Polishes from Sainsburys* a gorgeous deep red and gold. Whilst these colours are so associated with Christmas I just couldn't resist and in just one coat I had the perfect nails. Personally I love this deep red colour with short nails so I cut down mine and squared them off. 

When my nails had dried I used the Radical Exfoliating Pads* for the first time. I got really interested in chemical exfoliators since using the Clarins one so hopefully these will be just as good. After that I added a new step to my skincare, one which I have never used before and that is a facial oil from Declor*. Right now my skin feels the softest and most cleanest ever. 

Before going to the land of nod, the final few steps were to blow dry my hair, apply face cream in the form of No 7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream and hand cream. I was lucky enough to get this amazing Shea set from L'occitane off Matt's step brother who lives in France. I might invest in some cotton gloves to let the cream sink in like I do when I put cream on my feet and socks to sleep in.

The one thing that I forgot to do on this pamper night? My toes! Just as well it's still boots and socks weather.

So this is me making a personal vow to maintain a skincare routine every single morning and night. Not to this detailed extent - this will be done twice weekly and I'm hoping my skin will improve.

This is where you lovely lot come in, I need some skin care recommendations. For all stages of routines, I'd love to know everything that you use, especially for spotty "normal" skin.




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  2. Me-time is the best kind of time. It's amazing how relaxing a long bubble bath and some lovely products can be <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  3. Love this, have been trying to fit this in quite a lot lately, Sundays always seem to be the best for it too!

  4. I really do need to take more time out to treat my skin, I've got stupidly lazy lately. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life