After holiday foundation saviours...

Friday, 17 January 2014

I came back from Mexico way back in October and I tanned brilliantly. This was a complete surprise to me, but one that was warmly received. I'd never been on holiday as an adult so I didn't know how my skin would react - would just like to point out that I wore factor 50 for most of the holiday and I didn't sit in the sun all that much! 
The only problem? My skin was too dark for any of the bases I had, I didn't even wear foundation for the first 3 weeks of being home and even now, 2 months on I am still too dark for my usual shades. This has resulted in me going through 2 bottles of Bourjois Healthy Mix in shade 56. Which I still probably match but I am getting by with the help of these two products from Bourjois in allowing me to use my usual shades of foundations. 

I had been using the serum as a base on it's own when I first started wearing makeup again, but now it acts as either a base before my foundation or mixed together on the back of my hand to warm the colour up so it matches my skin. The same goes for the primer, however I also like to use this as a bronzer too. Kinda how I use the chanel bronzer but for a much cheaper price tag.

Did you have any holiday must haves?



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  1. I always keep some foundations that are a few shades too dark, I like to add them to my lighter ones to make the perfect colour.
    Cute bikini!! x

  2. The bronzing primer looks really amazing! My only holiday must-have is a good spf because I don't tan, I just turn bright red and then go straight back to paper white - no fairrrrr! hehe

    Jennie xo |

  3. I have always wanted to try the Bourjois Bronzing this good? Wish I was that tanned when I come back off holiday, I have no chance. x