As the clock struck midnight...

Wednesday, 1 January 2014



The final major event of the year was sadly saying goodnight to my beautiful Gusgus on Sunday night. I'd gone in to give him his usual treat of a bit of cheese and realised he wasn't moving, at this point he was still with us but I knew what was happening. I made a hot water bottle and settled down with him, ready to hold him until he passed. The last two hours were pretty horrific, but Steph was at the end of the phone to reassure me that Gus wouldn't have been aware of what was going on and that movements were just his body letting go. His final movements was a twitching paw as if he was waving me goodbye.
Steph was a real comfort to me even though I had gone through the deaths of my animals before and for that I can't thank her enough. Plus It's her birthday today - Happy Birthday :)

I've spent most of today feeling mighty exhausted after managing to stay awake until 3am. Some friends came down, we went out for a lovely meal in Zizzi's and then came back to the flat for midnight. Making sure Bertie was ok, we were all cheering Happy New Year and realised that one of our fish had started to give birth. Matt and I flew into action much to the amusement of our friends with setting up the breeding tank whilst trying to save the only baby we could see. He's still here, which is further than we got last time. Here's hoping he/she grows into a nice healthy fish.

Thank you for all your kind words around my last post, makes me glad to be back blogging.

Hope you have all had a lovely New Years.




  1. Poor little Gus, he was such a cutie!
    I'm sorry sweetheart, it's awful when they go :( Sending you a hug!

    Florrie x

  2. I'm sorry :( Try and take comfort hes not in any pain or feeling poorly now.


  3. So sorry for you and I hope you feel a little better now. And hope your new fish is okay and lives a happy life!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  4. So sorry to hear this Charli :( always so hard losing a pet, sending lots of love and hugs your way xxx