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Monday, 20 January 2014

As you've probably guess from my most recent posts since my return to blogging I have been really getting into making a house a home. From Christmas decorations, fairy lights and cushions to plants, canvases and more animals, I've been loving it.

My thoughts now turn to the bedroom (ohh err!) and making that a place of peace and quiet, my little paradise if you will. I really struggle with sleeping, not the actual sleeping part but the getting to sleep bit. Sometimes I can lie awake until the early hours getting really frustrated and more annoyed with how tired I will be the next day.
Anyway, recently we've upgraded the duvet to 13.5 tog and bought two more pillows bringing our total to six! We now have what feels like a giant marshmallow on top of us and so many pillows that our heads are suitably snug. The only downside? Our bed is so comfortable that getting out of it in the morning is pretty upsetting, the one thing that would make it even better - a really thick mattress cover. I would also like some decorative pillows on our bed now, you know to be one of THOSE people who have display cushions, for apparent reason. This pink one with a floral design is so beautiful, I'd love to have it on my bed, but the price tag just isn't in my budget - yet!

We've had the same bedding and curtains set for two years since we moved in, we do have a spare that we use when our favourite one is in the wash, but it's soon off and our usual one back on. I have a idea of my perfect bedroom where I can have everything all white and pastel colours and I've seen some lovely duvet sets on the Harrods Bedding where it's actually not as expensive as I thought it would be. I quite like those duvets where it's all block coloured and there is contrasting colours on each side, I hope I make sense there.

We've got really dark furniture in our bedroom and personally I think this was a huge mistake, I now long for white clean looking units (not just to take blog photos on I promise)  to make the room feel bigger and more spacious. I do like the MALM range from ikea that we have, just want a different colour now. I think candles and diffusers of the sorts look amazing on white and this one from Dr Vranjes sounds yummy - ginger and lime! I like the vintage look of the bottle.

Clearly my theme is the whole vintage/shabby chic thing... whether Matt allows me to turn the whole flat into this will be another story!



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  1. We are slowly getting around to adding more homely touches to the flat. I actually love buying the bedding - even though tom isn't a fan of the florals, I swap it around and make sure we have one on there once in a while! :-)

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  2. Love all your choices :) I just moved in with my boyfriend so I'm slowly adding things with a vintage/shabby chic look. I got my own way with the furniture and it's all white wash wood, I love it! I'd love some new bedding though!

  3. crisp white bedding is such a pleasure, the contrast between dark furniture and light coloured bedding etc. could look amazing!

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog