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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

I think that a few people might be hinting at me to get baking more myself? For Christmas I was so lucky and was bought some lovely baking bits and pieces from my Aunty and Uncle and my friend from work.

Now, I do like to bake a cake every now and again, but I really want to become more adventurous in the kitchen - ooh err! My signature bake was first cupcakes, made from scratch I might add. Then I moved onto making Victoria Sponges. Granted nothing is too different between them, but then I see and hear about the amazing delights that Sophia (friend from work) creates in her kitchen and I am inspired. One day for lunch Sophia had even bought me a bread roll in that she had made the night before - she is super talented!

The book from Sophia has just an amazing selection of things to make your cakes look so fancy, from the different icing techniques to all the ways to create marbled cakes I can see I am going to have so much fun. Who knows, if it goes well I will blog about it. Nobody needs to see a soggy bottom ;).  

From my Aunty and Uncle I had these amazing measuring cups. These will come in so handy because there has been numerous times when I see "cups" as a measurement in a recipe and I'm stood there with a pint glass, tumbler and a shot glass wondering which is which! The same goes for spoons and this set will look lovely on display too.

Here's hoping you see more baking posts on here!



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