My Week #1 - Introducing Basil & Rocky...

Sunday, 5 January 2014



As you all know just before the new year I lost my syrian hamster Gusgus. Hamsters only live for a couple of years (Gus would have been three this month!) and whilst I love hamsters dearly - I fancied getting Guinea Pigs. I still have my 6 roborovski hamsters: Cookie, Chubs, Belle, Tinks, Jaq & Lucifer but due to their nature they are difficult to handle and you can't really cuddle them.

On the 2nd January I fell in love with these two little guys. I'd like you all to meet Basil and Rocky. They are both 10 weeks old, although I think Basil is a little older as he is bigger than Rocky. Obviously due to their differences they aren't brothers but are from the same pen. Basil is a tri-coloured crested guinea pig. He has three colours on his body and a crest on his forehead. Predominantly white he has a brown bum, half of his belly and head with a black splodge on his right eye. Basil is the more lively of the two, putting up much protest when it comes to me giving him checks but once settled he happily sits and falls asleep on me... so cute!

Rocky, well this was love at first sight. Who wouldn't fall in love with the little odd ball of the bunch. Whilst the rest were all brown and fluffy, my little munchkin is grey with the messiest hair of the lot. It was harder to figure out specifically what colour type Rocky is, but I think I've cracked it. In my opinion Rocky is a silver agouti abyssinian guinea pig - what a mouthful! He's a lovely flecked grey colour with some white flashes and these awesome crests which give him the look of a mohawk. Hence the name Rocky. 

The decision to get guinea pigs wasn't taken lightly, nor has it been for any of my pets, they are time consuming and possibly expensive. I say possibly because I don't actually notice the maintenance costs for my animals because I have always had them. Guinea pigs live for anything up to 9/10 years so these boys could be around for a very long time, this is a positive for me but you would need to make sure you can commit those years to them. Also, all my animals tend to share things. They all use the hay/sawdust/bedding/litter so I don't have to really buy lots of separate items. Obviously the food is different but they all eat fruits and veggies so bulk buying larger bags is actually more cost effective.

Onto their home, Basil and Rocky live in a cage that is 120cm long, it's huge. Like a guinea pig mansion. They have a toilet area, which is basically a cat litter tray with wood pellets and they use this already. They have food bowls, toys, a hay rack, a ramp and a bed area. Their bed is amazing, it's all ripped up flannel blankets that they love to cuddle into. They also have our second bedroom to roam around at play time when they are more confident. Although, they don't seem to be struggling, they watched a whole episode of Question of Sport on my belly the other night. Perfect.

The funniest thing to happen since they've been here - Bertie's been mighty clingy. Jumping up, always following me and generally not leaving me alone. It's really cute :)

So, aren't they just the cutest?
One major thing I've noticed. Piggies are greedy!




  1. So sad to hear about Gus, but look at these two guys! They're going to be so much fun! x

  2. They are gorgeous. Who couldn't love both of them. I love Rocky's hair do, what a stylish little man! Glad to see they have you as a Mum. They will love being a part of your family.


  3. oh my goodness - just died of cuteness a little bit. How adorable?! I love guinea pigs - they're so sweet. I love Rocky's mohawk he's got going on there! xx

  4. They are so gorgeous! I know its wrong to have a fave but I love Rocky!
    That is so cute that Bertie has become clingy - bless! X

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

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  6. How adorable! I love guinea pigs, but highly allergic to them! Will have to stick with my hamster/fish/cat :)