My Week #2...

Sunday, 12 January 2014

I knew it wouldn't be long before a makeup related post popped up on my blog, although with this being the first full week back in work I didn't really do anything too exciting to blog about. However, one day this week I popped into boots just to pick up a new mascara. Thats one thing that I've learnt that I really can't hoard because they just go off before I've even used them. Since my last one had gone off I picked up the Va Va Voom one from 17 because it was on offer for £4. My favourite mascara wasn't in stock - that's the Rimmel Accelerator one so I've settled for this in blackest black, I hope it's good. 

I also wanted to pick up a new concealer, if you'd read my post about taking a little more me time then you will have read that I am suffering from really bad skin at the moment. Break-outs galore and hating it. I'd read a lot of great things about the 17 Phwoarr concealer in medium  so decided to pop it in my basket. The fair colour looked far too light on my hands when I swatched the tester, especially as I still have a tan going on!

There are always those unnecessary purchases that just somehow make their way to the till with me and this time it came in the form of two lipsticks. The Stay Pout Lipsticks are something I'd never seen in store before but fell in love with these two bold colours. They are on offer at the moment 2 for £6 which is a bargain. I've taken some pictures today so look out for a post on these bad boys soon.

Off I hopped to the till and got presented with a No7 voucher. These are dangerous and amazing at the same time. Annoyingly the makeup voucher has been reduced from £5 to £3 off since the last time they did the voucher deal but I guess that's still money off for nothing. Anyway I picked up one of my favourite cleansers the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser.  Whilst this isn't expensive at £9 regularly but with the voucher this is such a bargain. 

Bought any unnecessary makeup things recently?



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  1. I really like the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser & stock up when I have a couple of the vouchers. The lipsticks you bought are gorgeous

  2. Looking forward to having peak at those lipsticks!

  3. Nice buys! I keep meaning to pick up one of those Phwoarr Concealers - have you tried it yet? x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  4. Love love love the stay pout lipsticks! X Katy @

  5. I bought the Seventeen Phwoarrr concealer and I love it, what do you think? Your blog is such a good read, must follow!!
    Becka xxx