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Friday, 24 January 2014


Frustratingly I have had this foundation for ages, casually sat there in all it's brown bottle glory on my dressing table. The reason for the lack of use? My tan from way back in October is still around, I'm still no way near my usual foundation shades and this hasn't matched my skin colour ever. However it's now just about matching so I've been able to wear it out and about.

For someone who naturally gravitates to those foundations promising full/maximum coverage a product that was called 'no foundation' foundation intrigued me. Would I flee like I usually do with tinted moisturisers? Is it more than a tinted moisturiser? Another glorified BB/CC cream?

First off, fair seems to match my skin well and I still have a tan hanging around so I don't think it would suit the paler gals among us. The coverage is obviously very sheer, hence the name, so don't expect it to cover the blemishes and dark circles - but that's what concealers for. Providing a very healthy look to the skin this gel-like foundation absorbs quickly into the skin, especially with the light buffing motion of my Real Techniques Buffing Brush. My skin has become rather dry lately, I think that's down to the heating, cold weather and medication I've been taking which has made some of my foundations unwearable. However, I can wear the Perricone No Foundation Foundation with ease, one pump being enough for half of my face. 

This little bottle is full to the brim with skincare ingredients, not to mention the SPF30 which sadly is something I forget all the time. Which over time reduces fine lines and continues to moisturise so over time you skin looks amazing. 

I was determined not to look at the price tag before I'd used this for a little while and in my mind I'd said that if it had cost around £25 I'd have repurchased it. Imagine my surprise when I look to find that it is almost double that. £47. The only downside for me, however, should my wage increase and lifestyle change it's certainly something I will go back too.

Have you tried the Perricone No Foundation Foundation?



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