Friday, 28 February 2014

What I'd wear to the races...

1. Dress 2. Lipliner 3. Shoes 4. Bag 5. Blazer

On hearing about a competition where you can win a day at the races - Cheltenham Ladies Day it got me thinking of what I would wear if I actually won or went along to a race day. It's a day out that we've thought about, especially as my best mate lives right by a race course. 

I've only ever been to the races as a child, where the dress code was really relaxed. However if the daily mail is anything to go by then a day at the races is a much different event now. You always see the shocking pictures of the outfits from the races, so I'm hoping what I have in mind wouldn't get me on those pages. 

I used to love going to the races mainly because I have a huge love for horses. I used to horse ride as a child until I had the typical child strop and said I will never ride again. How much I regret that now...

Anyway, I decided on this beautiful green dress. I love the draping and asymmetric hemline, this would be 100% a dress that would get lots of wear. Now, because I'm Charli and I'm addicted to blazers, I settled on this cream one and would probably pray that it didn't get too dirty.

For the accessories I fell in love with this shoes, simple and silver! I haven't liked a pair of silver shoes since my prom shoes circa 2005. The bag is probably wishfull thinking in that I could actually manage a day with a clutch bag. This has never happened and probably never will, but it's a lovely bag.

What would you wear to a day at the races?


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Thursday, 27 February 2014


Green Icing, Chocolate Icing Sugar & Chocolate Drops c/o Baking Mad

If this post was named like an episode of Friends, this would be called "The one where I baked 48 cupcakes..." Yes I baked that many, in one day, within an hour actually. They kind of took over the kitchen.

I got sent a few items from Baking Mad - AWESOME inspiration website for baking. It's like a sugar filled pinterest if you will. I first laid eyes on these rose cupcakes and the idea was born to make some rose cupcakes. I even bought the foam things that flowers stand in and sticks to make the cakes stand up. After googling and seeing you could create a rose effect with a piping bag my cakes ended up looking more like these.

I experimented with butter icing and the tube of icing trying to make bunches of flowers, but they weren't as amazing as I thought. I feel like I should create one of those "saw it on pinterest....nailed it" photos with these cakes. However I have the baking "bug" and just want to make cupcakes all the time now.

Matt has benefitted from this and requested I also make brownies. Before putting the mix in the oven I loaded the chocolate drops on top and they added so much more chocolate to the brownie it was awesome. Clearly so awesome that Matt ate the WHOLE LOT before I had even had chance to photograph it!

I'm saving the slab of cooking chocolate and will probably try (and fail) to create something spectacular with it. But, this will be blogged however the outcome. 

Please link me to any baking posts you have done! 


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Monday, 24 February 2014

Currently Loving February 2014...

This is my second casetagram case, and the only reason I replaced the first was due to the upgrade in phones. Although, this one now includes my new guinea pigs, robo hamsters and Leanne's wedding. I love the idea of these cases so much, they would make an epic birthday present too! 

After using my "in-laws" kindle whilst on holiday last year in Mexico I fell in love with them. I'd always hated the idea of a Kindle and protested my love for books but my mind was changed! They are light, compact, not like looking at a computer screen, the kindle books are cheaper... I could go on. If you have any good book suggestions please let me know. I spend too much time on a computer and need to get back into reading.

Rustic pasties - enough said.

For Christmas one of my presents was an amazing Harry Potter book set, enclosed in Harry's trunk the set it just beautiful. I've just set off to Hogwarts for the millionth time in my life...

Of course I am loving my new layout too! All thanks to Ella - tweet her here!!



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Sunday, 23 February 2014

My Week #7... Keeping Christmas...

I blog tonight from our new laptop - yes that's right we have a fully working laptop again! After Curry's ballsed up a lot of things this week I also have my camera back - so I'm no ready to go full steam ahead... except, it's hard to use a windows computer after working on Macs in work! Windows 8 is well weird.

I have a whole new lease of life with blogging and youtube (I uploaded for the first time in 6 months last week), I have every idea noted down and a blog redesign in the near future. All I want to do is snap, film and blog away.

This weekend has been very productive. A full deep clean of the flat whilst Matt was at work happened all before 10:30am on Saturday, which left the rest of the day to spend with family. I hadn't seen my cousins in ages and they hadn't met my guinea pigs so a fun time was had for all.

Whilst sitting and blogging yesterday I realised that there were a few Christmas things in our living room that you wouldn't know were from Christmas, that were too nice to get rid of come January. First off is the heart fairy lights, arguably not the most festive but we bought them at Christmas and rather than adorn our fireplace they now hide lots of cables on the floor. Being battery powered is so handy because they can go anywhere and not take up valuable plug space. Wilkos you came up trumps here!

Another Wilko purchase from 2013 is these two mini real Christmas trees. To which Bertie has taken quite the fancy to, so now have significantly less branches than they did in the store. Replanted from the red pots they came in, we've planted them in a wooden bowl with a small ivy - they don't look out of place and means we can keep them. I just need to remember to water them... I should probably stick to a cactus.

Last but not least another set of lights which were just £1.50 from Sainsburys, Their new home is inside a milk bottle that has owls on it. You've guessed it, that was from Wilkos too, they are on top form with home goodies!

Have you kept around any hints of Christmas?



Saturday, 22 February 2014

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter...




A couple of months back I made a cheeky little MUA Cosmetics order  and today I'm talking to you all about one of the main reasons for me clicking the order button. 

The Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter is one of the prettiest looking products I've seen on the high street. It's a frosty champagne pink colour, think a pale rose and in some lights is almost metallic. A heavy hand with this will not be your friend and you will look ridiculous but with a light touch and a very fluffy brush I can get just the right amount.

I usually use a duo fibre brush and a lot of the time the brush that I bought in the haul. I find this to be best to control the placement and to stop me looking like a disco ball.

Have you tried the Undress Your Skin Highlighter?



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Friday, 21 February 2014

Matthew Williamson for Tony & Guy... A curly hair tutorial...

A fair few weeks (read Months!) just as my laptop broke I was given the chance to try out these three hair products from Tony & Guy*, which was out as a set for Christmas - yes it was that long ago! The kit includes an Extreme Hold Hairspray, Dry Shampoo and the Heat Protection Mist.

The three come in this awesome bag, designed by Matthew Williamson which I love. Happily had this in my bag as my make up bag these past weeks. It's the perfect size!

So, here we get to the first ever hair tutorial I've done on my blog, I think! Hopefully I've done it alright - however, it's really hard to take photos of yourself at each stage! Anyway, here's how I do my hair if I want curls that will last a couple of days. Above is my hair in it's natural state... well just blow dried. It's kinda straight, kinda wavy. The longer my hair gets the straighter it's getting naturally, I'm hoping to get to the point where I don't have to straighten it.

First things first, a must whenever doing my hair - it's the initial brush with the trusty tangle teaser. Perfect for getting any knot out of my hair - I've heard rumours of a silver one?!

Next up a good dose of heat protection. I've been really enjoying using the Tony & Guy Heat Protection Mist, mainly because the one I had previously been using made my hair go all crusty - ew. Another thing, when Tony & Guy say "mist" - they mean a mist! A fine mist that is distributed evenly through the hair.

My go to curling device is my Enrapture Totem Styler, a 3-3-3 setting is my favourite and I've not touched a conical wand since. Another thing to note, I've not burned myself with this one... my left arm has three scars from my conical wand. Oops.

Totally glossing over the "pose" in this photo, I section my hair into two - top and bottom, hold in place with a massive crocodile clip and curl away.

As I go along I make sure to give each curl a spritz with hairspray, just to keep the curl held until I've finished. This helps them last the two days. Extreme Hold from Tony & Guy is pretty awesome at holding curls, but remaining undetectable in my hair. I think it's magic personally.

Once the bottom later is done I get to work on the top layer, making sure I hold these for just that little bit longer in the styler as I prefer the top curls to be tighter than underneath. I also curl backwards what is left of my fringe because I can't stand having bits straight at the front of my hair when the rest is curled. 

To get volume without the stickiness of the Osis Dust It Powder I've been using dry shampoo. Whilst the Tony & Guy Dry Shampoo is good at giving my roots a boost I just don't think it's the best when it comes to oil absorption. I've tested this on slightly greasy hair and it performed fine, however I felt disgusting one day and left my hair 3 days before washing - this is unheard of - but in the interests of testing it had to be done. Where my Bastiste would usually dry the roots out the Tony & Guy one didn't really do anything. Bonus points for no white residue (even if I have been using the Bastiste to hide my roots - shh).

This is it - the finished look if you will!
What do you think?



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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

One product smokey eye... Daniel Sandler Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner...

Today I bring to you the product that made me fall back in love with eyeliner since the man himself used it on me - read more about that here! That was back in November 2011 and it wasn't until reading Leanne's recent post about using one product to create a smokey eye that I realised I'd been sitting on the perfect product to create the look for myself all along. Ok, well not sitting on it, but it's been in my eyeliner pot.

The Daniel Sandler long lasting waterproof eyeliner is amazeballs. Put it on as a sleek black line, let it dry and it will not budge. Perfect for winged eyeliner, something Daniel encouraged me to wear.. and I have been, especially for nights out. I guess for me the only way to differentiate my day to night look is to add lots of eyeliner.

Anyway, back to the point of the new way I have been wearing this liner. Once I've done the main part of my makeup, I take this and a really small eyeshadow brush to create a really simple and quick smokey eye. I'm talking less than 5 mins. The only way I can really describe it is "line and smudge". That's basically it. I do one eye at a time so the liner doesn't set and keep adding liner until I have created an eye look that is dark enough for me. 

 I've come to the realisation that I really don't make an effort that much on a day to day basis. I get into such a rut because of waking up early for work and being in a routine of being so sleepy when putting on makeup at 7am. Rater than using a million and one products on my eyes in the morning I find it so much easier to just pick this up, add a slick of red lipstick and somehow I've looked like I've made an effort.

What's your products that make getting ready a little bit easier in the morning?



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Monday, 17 February 2014

My favourite Witch Skin Care Product...

I've always been partial to a fair few Witch Skin Care products, ever since many years ago popping a couple in my basket on a weekly shop. So when I was asked to be a Witch Flawless Friend a year or so a go I pounced at it. Since then my love for the brand has just flourished and there has been many re-purchases.

Trying to narrow my choices down to my favourite product from them was really hard and by looking at the picture I have cheated... a little. You see I could have picked the amazing moisturisers, or the facial wash, or the exfoliator or even the blemish stick. But when I sat down and truly thought about which product I use the most, hands down it's the concealers.

You see, I don't really have bad skin (you watch tomorrow I wake up with spots) but I honestly don't. I get the monthly appearances but they go quickly so it's not often that I have to fully treat my face. What I do have is eye bags, terrible eye bags. The ones that actually make Matt ask me if I still have old makeup on my face. My weapons of choice most days are these two.

The liquid concealer and the concealer stick, both perfect for their usages. I use a combination of both depending on how bad the under eye situation is of a morning. These two are always on me in my makeup bag for top ups and nasty spotty surprises that may crop up!

Do you have a favourite Witch Skin Care product?
If I'm 100% honest, my favourite product is my Witch mug, it's used about a million times a day!



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Sunday, 16 February 2014

My Week #7... Bathing Guinea Pigs

Not really much to report this week, as per usual.. I'm not really sure what the point in these posts are, I might start changing it to a monthly post? There may be more to actually write about then!

Yesterday I did something that secretly I have been looking forward to for ages. Giving Basil and Rocky their first bath. It was an interesting experience, Basil freaked out the moment I put him in the water (they had a towel to stand on in there) and wanted to jump out at any given opportunity. The only way he would settle is having his legs on my arm. Which meant washing him was really difficult. Once he was warmed up again and drying on a hot water bottle it was the turn of my little monster Rocky.

I thought Rocky would be the worse out of the two if I'm honest, he's always a bit more fiesty. However he LOVED it, and if you click my instagram link below you will see a video of him washing himself a treat. He was happily splashing around in the water andI only took him out because the water got too cold. 

I actually filmed a youtube video today, which I'm trying to work out how to upload on a Mac, any tips - HELP. So click the youtube link below and subscribe so hopefully you can watch it when it uploads... ps. it contains these two :)

Hope you have has an awesome week!



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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick... In Love With Ginger...


Back in October Rimmel reformulated their moisture renew lipsticks and added ten new colours to the range. The new shades ran from the neutrals, to brights to a dark purple and the one that caught my eye - In Love With Ginger. I've never really had an urge to go for orange based reds purely because of their ability to make even the whitest teeth yellow, with this I took the gamble and I love it.

Rather than make my teeth yellow somehow it makes them seem brighter. A couple of sweeps of this lipstick and you are left with a rich glossy colour that, for a moisturising lipstick, lasts a decent amount of time. You are going to need to apply throughout the day... mainly after eating and drinking but that doesn't bother me, you get a good few hours of wear out of it. 

This has become my perfect handbag essential.



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Monday, 10 February 2014

PS, I'm blonde again...

So, guess who went back on her word about never being blonde again? Yep, that would be me. When I came back from Mexico my hair had lightened a lot, I mean to the point of it was almost a dark blonde and I didn't want to waste it. I had a full head of highlights done back in November to blend the ombre which I was really sad about, I love the ombre look. And then in December had a root lift with highlights so my hair is pretty bright now.

I want to take it to more of an ashy colour next, see if I like the silvery look and the first step is to tone my hair like no tomorrow with purple shampoo to get rid of the yellow tones in my hair. I picked up these three things on a whim in Sainsburys mainly because of their price point, at £2.99 for the twice a week shampoo and £1.99 for the others they really are a bargain. Plus they do the job, I notice a massive difference after just a week. 

A little tip, if you want the process to be quicker then leave the shampoo on for ages (the twice weekly shampoo), but just be careful, if you apply it to dry hair it's a lot more intense and can leave a purple hue.



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Sunday, 9 February 2014

My Week #6...

Sunday morning again, the weeks seem to drag and the weekends pass in the blink of an eye. It's only 10:45am and already I feel like the day has gone, when in reality it's not even really begun. On the weekends I have this internal dilemma of do I get up early and have a really productive day or do I lounge around, stay in bed late and do nothing but blog and watch films? Of course each weekend there is a massive to do list anyway, there always will be with the amount of animals I have. 

Today I think I'm going for a combination of the two, I plan to basically ebay everything. It's time to de-clutter and hopefully make a bit of money! There will be everything from handbags, shoes, clothes and everything else I want to go! There may even be a naughty black rabbit on there. I jest, but he was a seriously naughty bunny last night. 

This week due to the weather (and because Basil/Rocky chewed our internet cable) I bought a massive fabric animal pen. Its gigantic! Anyway, due to the storm the plan was for Bertie to be kept in it at night and the Guinea Pigs to be in there in the day time. This worked well for the first day but last night Bertie was a right pain. He's chewed the doors in protest of being in there. I guess this is another chore for today - fix the pen.

This week I've mostly been wearing this collared jumper from ASOS, it was only £8 in the sale. The white has sold out now, but there are the black ones still available as of this morning. I wish I'd picked up 2 with the amount of times I have worn it in just one week.

Whilst browsing youtube the other day I thought I would have a quick look back at my neglected little channel. I haven't filmed in 6 months, it's odd because I do enjoy youtube but I just haven't been in the right frame of mine. Then when I wanted to start up again - my camera broke. Great. I started to watch old vlogs of all my birthdays and just sat and smiled. I now realise how much vlogging helps you remember things and even though at the time it feels like the most embarrassing thing in the world - they are awesome to look back on. Somehow youtube seems to have put a weird stabilisation thing on my videos - how can I get rid of it?! It makes my videos look weird!!

Annoyingly my camera is still not back from Currys aka camera hospital. Which means I haven't been able to take blogging pictures for two weeks now... argh! Hence the iphone shots for this week's post. Although, without these I wouldn't have the cutest pictures of Basil all snug and the hamster I am missing so much at the moment, Gusgus.



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Saturday, 8 February 2014

MUA Makeup Brushes...



When I last made an MUA order I just through these two brushes in on a whim. To be honest I didn't need them but I knew that I really wanted to try them. I'd never seen them in a Superdrug so I was a bit dubious about the quality, however I needn't have worried.

These two brushes have flown up my list of favourite brushes very quickly, apart from the good ol' Real Techniques of course. I love using the E3 to blend eyeshadows, but also to put a single eyeshadow colour on because the size of the brush makes it so quick to apply.

The F2 I have used for pretty much everything. But the favourite two uses I have are for concealer blending and applying highlighter. The bristles are so light that it blends effortlessly and also applies just a lovely dusting of highlighter to my cheeks.

Have you bought any brushes from MUA?


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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Seventeen Lipsticks...



My two weaknesses in one blog post - bright lipsticks and offers on in boots. The Seventeen Stay Pout Lipsticks caught my eye whilst I was trawling through the last of the Christmas gift sets in boots a few weeks ago. Naturally I picked up the two loudest colours there and started to get my swatch on in the store. 

The lipsticks stained my arm in such a short space of time in boots that I decided they were coming home with me. I do have a massive love for lipsticks that you can apply in the morning and just not bother with all day. The first time I tried out these lipsticks I kept checking in my mirror throughout the day to see if I needed to re-apply, I didn't once. 

I have the two colours in Rule Breaker and Make an Entrance and I love them. The bright orange is perfect, it's the type of orange that doesn't make your teeth look yellow which is always a bonus! 

Have you tried these?



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Monday, 3 February 2014

New things...

A few weeks ago there was a huge buzz on twitter about the Stila cosmetics makeup sale they had on. I've never used Stila before and having heard really good things I hot footed over to the website!

The first set that caught my eye was this one for cancer research. I can't remember how much it cost exactly but I think it was around £3 or something ridiculous. I've used the blusher a couple of times now and have been really impressed, I'll do a later post with swatches but for now here's the untouched photo! I'm yet to use the lipgloss, especially as it's not really my favourite makeup item to use. But it's pretty and I'm sure I will wear it soon.


These eyeliners were the main reason for my order. They were £6 reduced from £25 and I have been loving using each and every one of them. I'll rave about them in a post of their own because quite frankly the colours are so beautiful I want a whole post just for them.


A last minute addition to my basket is this beauty. A bright pink lip-stick which will always have a place in my makeup collection. I picked this up as a "I will keep this shade in my handbag forever". Prime example there was a meeting I'd forgotten about today and not really made that much of an effort with my face this morning, threw on some lipstick and my makeup looked half decent and I felt more awake. 

Well look what I have here, the ever so rare Pixi Glow Tonic. Again another twitter related purchase but one that's come just at the time that I need it. I'm almost out of my Clarin's toner when the Pixi one came back instock online. With a discount code - couldn't believe my luck. I'm yet to use it but will of course report back when I do. 

The final recent skincare purchase is a jade facial roller. I'd read loads about these so I sat my puffy face down and bought one. They feel amazing rolled on your face first thing in the morning. I've only been using it a couple of weeks so I can't comment too much on any lasting effect but it had a lovely cooling feeling and helps wake me up a bit.

Have you bought anything new lately? Link me to any posts about it :)



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Sunday, 2 February 2014

My Week #5...

I could sit and look through these photos all day if I'm honest with you, they bring me so much happiness. This is the first time I've been able to sit down and properly write about our holiday to Mexico last October. Whilst it seems like a distant memory now, this holiday will hold a special place in my heart forever, there was certainly many magic moments.

You see, Matt and I were together 4 years and 11 months before booking our first abroad holiday together. For many different reasons, mainly financial and due to exams whilst I was in uni! We'd do lost of trips in the UK but never abroad. Another reason was due to how anxious the thoughts of me going anywhere out of my "routine" would make me. But last year we were in a position where we were able to book the dream holiday we'd always wanted. 

Our destination was originally somewhere about two hours from where we actually stayed. To cut a long story short just five days before we were due to fly I had a dreaded phone call from Thomson. I had started to get used to the idea of going abroad and had it all planned out in my mind and this phone call completely threw my confidence. You see the call started off with the words "There is a problem with your holiday", well my heart just sank. I was in work so couldn't really do much and so was Matt, so that evening we spent ages on the phone trying to sort out a new holiday in 5 days. The hotel we were originally due to stay at in Riveria Maya in Mexico somehow had started building works without actually telling the holiday reps out there - apparently. This meant that most of the hotel was covered in scaffolding and with the amount of money this holiday cost we weren't prepared to put up with it. Matt was amazing and within an hour we had a new holiday book, same flights, to Cancun staying in the Riu.

Packing for the holiday was pretty exciting, searching ebay for people's summer dresses they were selling cheaply was actually great fun. Packing up my animals for their stays in others houses wasn't fun at all. I cried when dropping Bertie and Gus to my aunties - this was worse than any anxiety I felt about the holiday. The night before we drove up to Gatwick and stayed in a hotel at the airport overnight watching the planes take off and land. I have to be honest this calmed me, realising just how many planes take off everyday. We had to be up early for our flight, sat and ate breakfast in the VIP lounge and got on the plane for our 10.5 hour flight. UGH.

I did it though, I was surprisingly calm on the flight, despite thinking we were there after just 3.5 hours. We arrived into paradise, bright blue skies, sun, sea and what I noticed the most was just how colourful everything seemed. I'm all too used to just seeing grey in the UK. Rather than go through the holiday day by day and blog for about a year about it, I'm just going to go through m favourite parts.

Feeling the sun on my skin, spending two weeks with my favourite, swimming with fishes everyday, eating amazing food, relaxing, playing basket ball in the pool, not wearing makeup or caring about my hair for two weeks, discovering The Big Bang Theory, swimming with manatees, driving a speedboat out to sea (yes I drove!), snorkelling, swimming with dolphins, swimming with sharks, feeling the warm sand between my toes, opening the curtains in the morning to *that* view, trying to figure out how they make those towel animals, getting my Michael Kors watch, riding on the crazy Mexican buses, exploring, laughing, tasting cocktails, sitting on sunbeds in the rain because it was so warm, eating fresh pizza by the pool, the friendly hotel staff, not being on my phone 24/7, reading all the guest posts on my blog, walking at night on the beach.....

I guess for me the whole two weeks was the moment that mattered, I never thought I would be able to go on holiday with my anxiety but with the help of my amazing boyfriend I did it, felt relaxed pretty much the whole time and I am so proud of myself. The Lloyds Bank moment's that matter campaign really got me to think about about just how much this holiday meant to me. 

I honestly think I could type all day about my holiday, ready for the next one. Egypt with Leanne. Yep that's right! Can't wait!

What's your best moment of 2013?


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written for Lloyds Bank - moments that matter


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