Thursday, 27 February 2014

Green Icing, Chocolate Icing Sugar & Chocolate Drops c/o Baking Mad

If this post was named like an episode of Friends, this would be called "The one where I baked 48 cupcakes..." Yes I baked that many, in one day, within an hour actually. They kind of took over the kitchen.

I got sent a few items from Baking Mad - AWESOME inspiration website for baking. It's like a sugar filled pinterest if you will. I first laid eyes on these rose cupcakes and the idea was born to make some rose cupcakes. I even bought the foam things that flowers stand in and sticks to make the cakes stand up. After googling and seeing you could create a rose effect with a piping bag my cakes ended up looking more like these.

I experimented with butter icing and the tube of icing trying to make bunches of flowers, but they weren't as amazing as I thought. I feel like I should create one of those "saw it on pinterest....nailed it" photos with these cakes. However I have the baking "bug" and just want to make cupcakes all the time now.

Matt has benefitted from this and requested I also make brownies. Before putting the mix in the oven I loaded the chocolate drops on top and they added so much more chocolate to the brownie it was awesome. Clearly so awesome that Matt ate the WHOLE LOT before I had even had chance to photograph it!

I'm saving the slab of cooking chocolate and will probably try (and fail) to create something spectacular with it. But, this will be blogged however the outcome. 

Please link me to any baking posts you have done! 


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  1. Loved this post - you have made some gorgeous looking cakes! Love your blog and now following x
    Sweet Dreams

  2. Ahh so yummy! Craving cakes now ;)

    Jennie xo |

    1. I have a billion left in my fridge - pop over ha! x

  3. Please bake for me charli!

  4. I love the Baking Mad website - it's so great and these cupcakes look amazing - I can't bake cupcakes for the simple reason is I eat them all in one day and then feel awful - but I do loooove them

    Laura x

  5. It is an amazing website! I'm going to attempt the rugby cupcakes next, I'm sure that'll be "nailed it" worthy! xx

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life