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Monday, 24 February 2014

This is my second casetagram case, and the only reason I replaced the first was due to the upgrade in phones. Although, this one now includes my new guinea pigs, robo hamsters and Leanne's wedding. I love the idea of these cases so much, they would make an epic birthday present too! 

After using my "in-laws" kindle whilst on holiday last year in Mexico I fell in love with them. I'd always hated the idea of a Kindle and protested my love for books but my mind was changed! They are light, compact, not like looking at a computer screen, the kindle books are cheaper... I could go on. If you have any good book suggestions please let me know. I spend too much time on a computer and need to get back into reading.

Rustic pasties - enough said.

For Christmas one of my presents was an amazing Harry Potter book set, enclosed in Harry's trunk the set it just beautiful. I've just set off to Hogwarts for the millionth time in my life...

Of course I am loving my new layout too! All thanks to Ella - tweet her here!!



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  1. I can see exactly why you love all of these, great list :) x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  2. the casetagram case is so cute and i feel the same about kindles, they'll never be a replacement for books! maybe i could be converted too though :) x

  3. Pasties and Harry Potter sounds like a darn good time to me ;) xx