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Friday, 21 February 2014

A fair few weeks (read Months!) just as my laptop broke I was given the chance to try out these three hair products from Tony & Guy*, which was out as a set for Christmas - yes it was that long ago! The kit includes an Extreme Hold Hairspray, Dry Shampoo and the Heat Protection Mist.

The three come in this awesome bag, designed by Matthew Williamson which I love. Happily had this in my bag as my make up bag these past weeks. It's the perfect size!

So, here we get to the first ever hair tutorial I've done on my blog, I think! Hopefully I've done it alright - however, it's really hard to take photos of yourself at each stage! Anyway, here's how I do my hair if I want curls that will last a couple of days. Above is my hair in it's natural state... well just blow dried. It's kinda straight, kinda wavy. The longer my hair gets the straighter it's getting naturally, I'm hoping to get to the point where I don't have to straighten it.

First things first, a must whenever doing my hair - it's the initial brush with the trusty tangle teaser. Perfect for getting any knot out of my hair - I've heard rumours of a silver one?!

Next up a good dose of heat protection. I've been really enjoying using the Tony & Guy Heat Protection Mist, mainly because the one I had previously been using made my hair go all crusty - ew. Another thing, when Tony & Guy say "mist" - they mean a mist! A fine mist that is distributed evenly through the hair.

My go to curling device is my Enrapture Totem Styler, a 3-3-3 setting is my favourite and I've not touched a conical wand since. Another thing to note, I've not burned myself with this one... my left arm has three scars from my conical wand. Oops.

Totally glossing over the "pose" in this photo, I section my hair into two - top and bottom, hold in place with a massive crocodile clip and curl away.

As I go along I make sure to give each curl a spritz with hairspray, just to keep the curl held until I've finished. This helps them last the two days. Extreme Hold from Tony & Guy is pretty awesome at holding curls, but remaining undetectable in my hair. I think it's magic personally.

Once the bottom later is done I get to work on the top layer, making sure I hold these for just that little bit longer in the styler as I prefer the top curls to be tighter than underneath. I also curl backwards what is left of my fringe because I can't stand having bits straight at the front of my hair when the rest is curled. 

To get volume without the stickiness of the Osis Dust It Powder I've been using dry shampoo. Whilst the Tony & Guy Dry Shampoo is good at giving my roots a boost I just don't think it's the best when it comes to oil absorption. I've tested this on slightly greasy hair and it performed fine, however I felt disgusting one day and left my hair 3 days before washing - this is unheard of - but in the interests of testing it had to be done. Where my Bastiste would usually dry the roots out the Tony & Guy one didn't really do anything. Bonus points for no white residue (even if I have been using the Bastiste to hide my roots - shh).

This is it - the finished look if you will!
What do you think?



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  1. Stunning! :) I love my totem styler I tend to use 1-2-2 on mine. Will have to check out the Toni & Guy products as much as I love the Osis Dust It, it's a pain to brush out the following morning! x

    Sarah @ xx

  2. I really want that make-up bag, I'm so annoyed I couldn't get my hands on it. I love Toni & Guy products though, I regularly use the shampoos.