My favourite Witch Skin Care Product...

Monday, 17 February 2014

I've always been partial to a fair few Witch Skin Care products, ever since many years ago popping a couple in my basket on a weekly shop. So when I was asked to be a Witch Flawless Friend a year or so a go I pounced at it. Since then my love for the brand has just flourished and there has been many re-purchases.

Trying to narrow my choices down to my favourite product from them was really hard and by looking at the picture I have cheated... a little. You see I could have picked the amazing moisturisers, or the facial wash, or the exfoliator or even the blemish stick. But when I sat down and truly thought about which product I use the most, hands down it's the concealers.

You see, I don't really have bad skin (you watch tomorrow I wake up with spots) but I honestly don't. I get the monthly appearances but they go quickly so it's not often that I have to fully treat my face. What I do have is eye bags, terrible eye bags. The ones that actually make Matt ask me if I still have old makeup on my face. My weapons of choice most days are these two.

The liquid concealer and the concealer stick, both perfect for their usages. I use a combination of both depending on how bad the under eye situation is of a morning. These two are always on me in my makeup bag for top ups and nasty spotty surprises that may crop up!

Do you have a favourite Witch Skin Care product?
If I'm 100% honest, my favourite product is my Witch mug, it's used about a million times a day!



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  1. I never knew they did a The liquid concealer - I am on the hunt for it now. I want to give it a go

  2. My under eye bags are horrendous so I will have to try this!

    Shelley xxx