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Sunday, 2 February 2014

I could sit and look through these photos all day if I'm honest with you, they bring me so much happiness. This is the first time I've been able to sit down and properly write about our holiday to Mexico last October. Whilst it seems like a distant memory now, this holiday will hold a special place in my heart forever, there was certainly many magic moments.

You see, Matt and I were together 4 years and 11 months before booking our first abroad holiday together. For many different reasons, mainly financial and due to exams whilst I was in uni! We'd do lost of trips in the UK but never abroad. Another reason was due to how anxious the thoughts of me going anywhere out of my "routine" would make me. But last year we were in a position where we were able to book the dream holiday we'd always wanted. 

Our destination was originally somewhere about two hours from where we actually stayed. To cut a long story short just five days before we were due to fly I had a dreaded phone call from Thomson. I had started to get used to the idea of going abroad and had it all planned out in my mind and this phone call completely threw my confidence. You see the call started off with the words "There is a problem with your holiday", well my heart just sank. I was in work so couldn't really do much and so was Matt, so that evening we spent ages on the phone trying to sort out a new holiday in 5 days. The hotel we were originally due to stay at in Riveria Maya in Mexico somehow had started building works without actually telling the holiday reps out there - apparently. This meant that most of the hotel was covered in scaffolding and with the amount of money this holiday cost we weren't prepared to put up with it. Matt was amazing and within an hour we had a new holiday book, same flights, to Cancun staying in the Riu.

Packing for the holiday was pretty exciting, searching ebay for people's summer dresses they were selling cheaply was actually great fun. Packing up my animals for their stays in others houses wasn't fun at all. I cried when dropping Bertie and Gus to my aunties - this was worse than any anxiety I felt about the holiday. The night before we drove up to Gatwick and stayed in a hotel at the airport overnight watching the planes take off and land. I have to be honest this calmed me, realising just how many planes take off everyday. We had to be up early for our flight, sat and ate breakfast in the VIP lounge and got on the plane for our 10.5 hour flight. UGH.

I did it though, I was surprisingly calm on the flight, despite thinking we were there after just 3.5 hours. We arrived into paradise, bright blue skies, sun, sea and what I noticed the most was just how colourful everything seemed. I'm all too used to just seeing grey in the UK. Rather than go through the holiday day by day and blog for about a year about it, I'm just going to go through m favourite parts.

Feeling the sun on my skin, spending two weeks with my favourite, swimming with fishes everyday, eating amazing food, relaxing, playing basket ball in the pool, not wearing makeup or caring about my hair for two weeks, discovering The Big Bang Theory, swimming with manatees, driving a speedboat out to sea (yes I drove!), snorkelling, swimming with dolphins, swimming with sharks, feeling the warm sand between my toes, opening the curtains in the morning to *that* view, trying to figure out how they make those towel animals, getting my Michael Kors watch, riding on the crazy Mexican buses, exploring, laughing, tasting cocktails, sitting on sunbeds in the rain because it was so warm, eating fresh pizza by the pool, the friendly hotel staff, not being on my phone 24/7, reading all the guest posts on my blog, walking at night on the beach.....

I guess for me the whole two weeks was the moment that mattered, I never thought I would be able to go on holiday with my anxiety but with the help of my amazing boyfriend I did it, felt relaxed pretty much the whole time and I am so proud of myself. The Lloyds Bank moment's that matter campaign really got me to think about about just how much this holiday meant to me. 

I honestly think I could type all day about my holiday, ready for the next one. Egypt with Leanne. Yep that's right! Can't wait!

What's your best moment of 2013?


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  1. Omg I literally loved Mexico! Such a stunning place xx

  2. Love this post :) It seems like you had such an amazing holiday, you must be so excited for Egypt! My holiday this year is North Wales so yeah, I'm a little envious! x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life